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Thursday, 16 August 2018

7 Smart Reasons to Choose Part Time Cleaner

Are you looking for the best cleaning services in Singapore? Many working-class people in Singapore find it pretty tough to go on with their daily routines without a cleaner. This is mainly because most of these folks work in places that are a bit far from their homes- thus makes it very difficult to clean each day and still get to work on time. A while back, most of the individuals working used to hire or actually employ full-time cleaners. The trend is changing. Currently, numerous people are preferring to hire part-time cleaners over full-time cleaners.

There are quite a number of benefits of hiring a part time cleaner over a full-time cleaner. Here are some of the most common reasons:

It is cost-friendly
This is the most important reason many Singaporeans prefer part-time to full-time cleaning services. Having a part-timer as your cleaner is way different as compared to having a full-timer. This is because you are not responsible for their food or lodging expenses. All you have is an obligation to ensure that you fully pay her for every single hour they work. Isn’t that actually much better?

People are different. There is a category of people who do not like, nor appreciate sleeping in the same room as strangers. Hiring a part-time maid ensure that you are catered for as no-one will have to in your house, rather home. The key corn to having a full-time cleaner is that, eventually, you’ll realize that you are actually spending way more than you were to spend, to begin with- after factoring in your full-time cleaner’s expenses. The hard-economic phase being faced by a lot of folks in Singapore is also expediting the endorsement of part-time cleaners over full-timers.

Ensures/Maintains Privacy
With the whole world shifting and technology at its prime, somehow very many people have grown more conscious to matters pertaining their privacy.

Now, when you hire a full-time cleaner to clean your home, it means that (s)he has to live in your house, rather under the same roof as you. The challenge with this is that it becomes very hard to maintain your privacy. You cannot do whatever you want as your maid is always around. Surprisingly, cleaners or maids usually know everything that’s going on in their bosses’ houses.

So, what’s the best way to ensure that you maintain your privacy but in a very clean environment? I’ll tell you the answer to that- Hire a part-time cleaner. He or she will always arrive on time, perform all the cleaning tasks that you have for them that particular day and be on their way even without you noticing. In short, part-time cleaners are the best as they come to your house for just a couple of hours and be done with it.

Guaranteed Efficiency
It has been noted that part-time cleaners, rather employees, tend to be more efficient than full-timers. Most cleaners who seek part-time jobs, in one way or another, have worked as full-time cleaners before. This means that they have been equipped with the necessary skills and expertise on their tasks. They know what exactly is required and expected of them. Taking into account that as a part-timer, you must complete all your tasks within the set period of time, they are usually fast and super effective. On the contrary, a full-time cleaner knows that (s)he has a number of hours to wind up their duties- automatically, this makes them slow thus less efficient. Also, since full-time cleaners are aware they have all day to clean up, they can actually relax and wait to begin cleaning just before their employers get home- resulting in less efficiency.

Curb mistreatment/maltreatment of kids and the elderly
There have been not one, not two or even three, but several cases where full-time cleaners have been reported to mistreat and mishandle either the elderly or children. That’s not all, in extreme cases, some full-timers have been reported to have strangers over in their employer’s homes without acknowledgment. Well, even if they know them, still, that’s a breach of their employer’s privacy and security.

All these cases have raised an alarm when it comes to hiring cleaners and assistants. Full-time cleaners have lost their credibility due to such cases. Of course, you can’t miss good or even perfect full-time maids but only in very rare cases. Their practices and malpractices are facilitated by the fact that most of them are not even local as they come from other parts of the world. People have taken matters into their own hands by installing security cameras in their homes in order to ensure full-time supervision. As much as this works, don’t you get tired of the whole predicament?
Well, there is a permanent and perfect solution for that. Look for and hire a good part-time cleaner.

Simple and easy- there aren’t a lot of documentation
When looking to employ a cleaner, rather any kind of home assistant working on a full-time basis, there is a long list of license and other proper documentation that should be signed and all that along the way. This tends to be very tiresome for a number of folks especially if you don’t have a well-established academic background. The solution is here. Make a call to the relevant company, pick a date and time then just relax and wait. That is all there is to hiring a part-time cleaner.

Change in family structures

Well, very many families embraced hiring of full-time cleaners during the past. As much as you may ask what the fault of that was, they were justified to have them. In Singapore, families used to cluster up and stay together. This means that there were very many people in the house thus cleaning was really necessary at the time. This is the reason why they employed full-timers. In short, as long as you don’t have a very big family, then you just don’t need them.

You can give them personal supervision
This is the simplest and most important reason for choosing part-time helpers over full-timer. You can supervise all their tasks and have them done just as you want.


Keep in mind that this is not stereotyping full-time house assistants by any chance. It’s just clearly stating the reasons you should hire a part-timer rather than a full-timer.