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Thursday, 16 August 2018

7 Smart Reasons to Choose Part Time Cleaner

Are you looking for the best cleaning services in Singapore? Many working-class people in Singapore find it pretty tough to go on with their daily routines without a cleaner. This is mainly because most of these folks work in places that are a bit far from their homes- thus makes it very difficult to clean each day and still get to work on time. A while back, most of the individuals working used to hire or actually employ full-time cleaners. The trend is changing. Currently, numerous people are preferring to hire part-time cleaners over full-time cleaners.

There are quite a number of benefits of hiring a part time cleaner over a full-time cleaner. Here are some of the most common reasons:

It is cost-friendly
This is the most important reason many Singaporeans prefer part-time to full-time cleaning services. Having a part-timer as your cleaner is way different as compared to having a full-timer. This is because you are not responsible for their food or lodging expenses. All you have is an obligation to ensure that you fully pay her for every single hour they work. Isn’t that actually much better?

People are different. There is a category of people who do not like, nor appreciate sleeping in the same room as strangers. Hiring a part-time maid ensure that you are catered for as no-one will have to in your house, rather home. The key corn to having a full-time cleaner is that, eventually, you’ll realize that you are actually spending way more than you were to spend, to begin with- after factoring in your full-time cleaner’s expenses. The hard-economic phase being faced by a lot of folks in Singapore is also expediting the endorsement of part-time cleaners over full-timers.

Ensures/Maintains Privacy
With the whole world shifting and technology at its prime, somehow very many people have grown more conscious to matters pertaining their privacy.

Now, when you hire a full-time cleaner to clean your home, it means that (s)he has to live in your house, rather under the same roof as you. The challenge with this is that it becomes very hard to maintain your privacy. You cannot do whatever you want as your maid is always around. Surprisingly, cleaners or maids usually know everything that’s going on in their bosses’ houses.

So, what’s the best way to ensure that you maintain your privacy but in a very clean environment? I’ll tell you the answer to that- Hire a part-time cleaner. He or she will always arrive on time, perform all the cleaning tasks that you have for them that particular day and be on their way even without you noticing. In short, part-time cleaners are the best as they come to your house for just a couple of hours and be done with it.

Guaranteed Efficiency
It has been noted that part-time cleaners, rather employees, tend to be more efficient than full-timers. Most cleaners who seek part-time jobs, in one way or another, have worked as full-time cleaners before. This means that they have been equipped with the necessary skills and expertise on their tasks. They know what exactly is required and expected of them. Taking into account that as a part-timer, you must complete all your tasks within the set period of time, they are usually fast and super effective. On the contrary, a full-time cleaner knows that (s)he has a number of hours to wind up their duties- automatically, this makes them slow thus less efficient. Also, since full-time cleaners are aware they have all day to clean up, they can actually relax and wait to begin cleaning just before their employers get home- resulting in less efficiency.

Curb mistreatment/maltreatment of kids and the elderly
There have been not one, not two or even three, but several cases where full-time cleaners have been reported to mistreat and mishandle either the elderly or children. That’s not all, in extreme cases, some full-timers have been reported to have strangers over in their employer’s homes without acknowledgment. Well, even if they know them, still, that’s a breach of their employer’s privacy and security.

All these cases have raised an alarm when it comes to hiring cleaners and assistants. Full-time cleaners have lost their credibility due to such cases. Of course, you can’t miss good or even perfect full-time maids but only in very rare cases. Their practices and malpractices are facilitated by the fact that most of them are not even local as they come from other parts of the world. People have taken matters into their own hands by installing security cameras in their homes in order to ensure full-time supervision. As much as this works, don’t you get tired of the whole predicament?
Well, there is a permanent and perfect solution for that. Look for and hire a good part-time cleaner.

Simple and easy- there aren’t a lot of documentation
When looking to employ a cleaner, rather any kind of home assistant working on a full-time basis, there is a long list of license and other proper documentation that should be signed and all that along the way. This tends to be very tiresome for a number of folks especially if you don’t have a well-established academic background. The solution is here. Make a call to the relevant company, pick a date and time then just relax and wait. That is all there is to hiring a part-time cleaner.

Change in family structures

Well, very many families embraced hiring of full-time cleaners during the past. As much as you may ask what the fault of that was, they were justified to have them. In Singapore, families used to cluster up and stay together. This means that there were very many people in the house thus cleaning was really necessary at the time. This is the reason why they employed full-timers. In short, as long as you don’t have a very big family, then you just don’t need them.

You can give them personal supervision
This is the simplest and most important reason for choosing part-time helpers over full-timer. You can supervise all their tasks and have them done just as you want.


Keep in mind that this is not stereotyping full-time house assistants by any chance. It’s just clearly stating the reasons you should hire a part-timer rather than a full-timer.

Sunday, 29 July 2018

Getting Quality Air Conditioning Installation

The use of air conditioning has become very common and popular in our day-to-day life. Many people are so fond of these air conditioners that they do not spend even one day without this. It becomes more essential in some parts of the world where the temperature is found to be observed over almost more degree Celsius. This equipment becomes one of the necessary parts of life in some countries. Mainly people living in deserts use this is 24 hours a day due to its high temperature.

It is one of the most important devices which are introduced to provide thermal comfort at any time. Whenever you buy an air conditioner, first you should install it in your favourite place in your home or office where you can enjoy.

Every office and home need its installation to enjoy comfortable temperatures. Nowadays, air conditioning is fitted to almost all new buildings and designed to be implemented from the very first plan. But unfortunately, many older buildings suffer from a lack of air conditioning. 

The need for installing air conditioning has grown in the past days. As a result, air conditioning firms are now offering this service to increase new business, but some of these firms do not employ a qualified refrigeration expert. So, at last clients may end up with an n expert or another professional putting in a cooling system.

If we need to save these types of air conditioners, we should spend more amount of money mainly on the air conditioning services to help. Air conditioner maintains a comfortable indoor climate which helps to increase the comfort and increase the productivity of workers in the offices.

We can choose a certified plumber because he has a very different idea and training than a certified refrigeration mechanic. A consumer should analyze and check whether he is receiving installation of air conditioning from a firm or qualified technician. The only means of known are to ask a service provider and get all the required information. You should ask some questions like,

Aircon installation may be performed by a refrigeration mechanic or by someone, who is not certified? Will my work be guaranteed? If so, what are the terms of the guarantee?

As well as installation services, they also should provide security and electrical systems. You should choose the right people for air conditioning installation, repair or any maintenance.

There are different types of companies which offer cheap installation with high quality. These companies are well known for their quality its repair and maintenance. There are many new types of air conditioners have been introduced by some of the popular air conditioning companies.

You should have some tapes and pencil to mark the measurements and also you should have some screwdriver and screws to the exact size measurements which are required to fit into the walls. A caulking gun with some waterproof sealants also could help you with your installation.

Factors to Consider When Selecting an Air Conditioning Installation Company

Singapore business owners may feel a little overwhelmed at the volume of options available when they begin researching. However, before you panic and book the first company who answers your enquiry, consider these factors to make the right choice.

Do You Know Your Requirements?
When considering air conditioning installation, it is important that you have at least some idea of your particular requirements. What are you looking to achieve with the air conditioner installation? Singapore business owners may have completely different requirements to others, as each premise will have their particular layout and characteristics. Of course, you will need expert guidance and assistance from your air conditioning installation company but the more information you can provide, the greater the chances of finding a cost-effective yet efficient solution. 

Another requirement you will need to consider is the actual characteristics of your business. Do you have a particularly busy period in the year or even a particularly busy time of the week? This will allow you to more accurately plan your air conditioning installation to minimize any disruption to your business activities. When booking an air conditioner service, Singapore companies can often accommodate your schedule, providing you arrange it in plenty of time.

Does the Company Have Experience?
Although there are some very good startup companies offering air conditioning installation, Singapore business owners need to have confidence in their provider. All buildings have particular characterizes and restraints which will impact on the installation. Whether your building is brand new or an old conversion, you need a company who has experience in dealing with the challenges the layout and design of a building can create. An experienced company will also be able to guide you through the process of choosing the right system best suited to your requirements and assist you through the installation.

Is the Company Qualified and Fully Insured?
There are a great many rules and regulations which affect building alterations and modifications, so you need to have confidence that your chosen company is qualified. This will ensure that your new system is compliant with all the regulations and is safe to use. Reputable companies also priorities training and qualifications to ensure that their technicians are up to date with the latest procedures and techniques for optimum efficiency. Of course, even the most experienced and expert installation technicians can have accidents, so the company also needs to have adequate insurance. Since the technicians will be working in and around your building, you need to have confidence that in the event of an accident or injury, you will have no liability.

Air conditioning repair is very troublesome. However, you can avoid a large number of bills if you take care of some simple things. If you are considering air conditioning installation, Singapore home and business owners should contact us. We specialise in air conditioner installation and would be delighted to assist you. Our expert team would be happy to answer any questions or queries you may have and help you find the solution best suited to your particular needs.

Friday, 1 June 2018

Putting Home Cleaning Checklists to Work

Some people decide to rely on an outside company to come in and do their home cleaning and some prefer to tackle it themselves. In both cases, putting checklists to work can make all the difference in the world. Putting home cleaning checklists to work for you can make all the difference in the world. Without them, it's easy to let things slip and it's easy to forget about little things that should be done on a regular basis.

For some of you, cleaning is second nature, and you have no problems maintaining a clean, orderly home. For the rest of us, we are just doing the best we can to keep up, but would really benefit from a visit from the house cleaning fairy. Since this probably isn't going to happen, the next best thing I can give you is the cleaning fairy's house cleaning checklist. Armed with a list of when and how frequently certain jobs should be performed, you will be less overwhelmed and able to clean your house quickly and easily.

Let's start with the daily home cleaning checklists. The goal here is not to overwhelm you, but done regularly, these tasks will be easier to conquer in small doses instead of waiting for them to get out of hand. In the kitchen, clear off the counters, wash dishes or load into the dishwasher, wipe spills off the stove-top, and sweep the floor. Next, conquer paper clutter. Get and sort the mail, put homework and other daily papers in their rightful place, recycle all junk mail and old papers. In the bathroom, hang up towels, put dirty clothes into the hamper, and clear off counters (a bin for each person is a great way to do this easily).

Here are the chores for the weekly house cleaning checklist. Dust all shelves, furniture, and accessories. Vaccum and damp-mop all floors in the house. In the bathroom clean the shower/bath, toilet, sink, and fixtures. Spray and clean the mirrors and metal finishes in your home. In the kitchen, clean appliance fronts, and wipe countertop appliances. Clean the inside of the microwave and scrub the stove-top. Open the fridge and get rid of old leftovers. Change and wash bed linens. Clean the TVs and computer monitors. Sweep walkways in the garage

Monthly, wash dirty walls, clean handprints off doors, and wipe down woodwork. Vacuum upholstered furniture, especially under cushions. Dust mini-blinds. Polish wood furniture and clean/condition leather furniture. In the kitchen, clean the inside of the refrigerator and oven, and vacuum and wipe down the inside of often used drawers. Wash comforters, bedspreads and mattress covers and flip your mattress over. Dust ceiling fans and change the filters in your heating or air unit. Give your garage a good sweep.

Here is the house cleaning checklist to use twice a year. Dry clean feather comforters. Wash draperies. Vacuum behind bedroom furniture, beneath beds, and all closets. In the kitchen, clean the insides of all cabinets and drawers. Clean under and beside the refrigerator and vacuum coils. Wash around, under and behind washer and dryer, and clean out dryer vents. Change batteries in your smoke alarm. Deep clean the garage, putting away all holiday d├ęcor.

The Entire House
Vacuuming or otherwise doing something with the floors is common to all houses, but polishing the trophy case may not be. Here are some of the things nearly everyone will find applicable to their situation: getting rid of cobwebs, vacuuming and/or mopping and/or waxing, tidying up belongings, dusting fans, lamps, televisions, and more, taking some glass cleaner to any surfaces that need it, taking out the trash, and changing the bed sheets. Put these tasks on a weekly checklist and they won't be neglected.

The Kitchen
The kitchen is a unique room in the house and it requires some unique attention. Obviously, some light scrubbing and tidying are necessary after every meal. Beyond that, here are some of the things you may choose to put on your weekly checklist: wiping down the cabinets, wiping down the countertops, soaping and rinsing the sink and the dish strainer, doing an oven clean (this can usually wait longer than a week in between treatments unless you haven't mastered pans), and throwing out old food items in your pantry and refrigerator.

The Bathroom

Even people who don't mind doing home cleaning chores tend to turn their nose up when it comes to scrubbing the bathroom. Not only is it potentially the most difficult room in the house, but it can also be the grossest. Nevertheless, the nastier the task, the more important it is to do. If you don't feel up to it, consider relegating it to another member of your family or strongly think about hiring a service. Here are some of the weekly chores your home cleaning checklist can't do without getting the cabinets, counters, mirrors, and sinks clean; disinfecting the toilet and shower, and mopping the floor.

These are just two simple things that can go on your preventive maintenance checklist. Even though they are simple things, they are also very important things that can save you a lot of money in the end. You just need to take the time to check them every now and then and make sure they are in the right order. There are other little things that can go unnoticed and later turn into big problems. To get an idea of what you should add to your housekeeping checklist, you should look at a home inspection checklist. This will help you get an idea of the little things you want to keep.

Monday, 12 March 2018

Getting Rid of Dust Particles

Dusting isn't a problematic activity however if you happen to like me then positively it is a testing work. Have you stunned to perceive what amount of tidy is there in your home?

Robust dusting isn't your worries, yet it must be done in any case. How about we take in a few hints to do it speedier.

How about we begin with your room, clear every one of the webs from each nook and corner. At that point, clear the earth from high retires, at that point come to tables lastly tidy your seats.

Take the vacuum cleaner and clear the floor. You should know the point of dusting. Things get dusty and messy from time to time. In this way, you have to rehash the purifying of things that are put on the ground.

Take a wet fabric for dusting because go material blends away a considerable measure of tidy that can be awkward to breathe. Dusting with a wet material will tidy things up thoroughly.

Keep maybe a couple of additional fabrics for dusting. A wet material tends to get exceptionally messy as it cleans more tidy so you may require another fabric to finish the activity of dusting.

Endeavor to introduce an air channel in your room since it helps a great deal in sucking and lessening the air clean. It will be more useful on the off chance that you don't smoke in your room. Mind another tip that on the off chance that you open the windows of your room, air will ventilate the clean particles and won't let them settled on various articles.

Moreover, you may have various articles to clean however you ought to get rid of undesirable and purposeless things. If they are secured with layers of tidy then doubtlessly you needn't bother with that question. You can make the dusting a significant simple activity on the off chance that you make your room roomy and less congested with manufactured adornments.

Evacuating Dust at Home

Like me, you may likewise get stunned to perceive how rapidly tidy mounts up in your home. Also, you won't have any enthusiasm for dusting.

Be that as it may, it's a basic action to keep your place clean. These are a few guidelines to do it quicker.

Always begin the procedure from the rooftop top. In the first place, clear the spider webs from the roof. Descend by cleaning racks, tables, and seats.

From that point onward, take assistance from the vacuum cleaner to do the floor. You will discover the ground questions more filthy and dusty because tidy settles on them before long and that is the reason they require a customary dusting.

Also, apply a wet material on dirty things since it won't kick up a considerable measure of tidy dissimilar to a dry fabric. A wet material can without much of a stretch clear the clean while dry fabric doesn't help you extraordinarily.

Try not to wash the clammy material over and over rather keep some additional wet fabrics to continue the purifying. This will make the procedure simple.

You can limit the clean particles in your room's condition by utilizing a decent quality air channel. Establishment of an air channel will reduce the clean bits effectively. It will be more beneficial on the off chance that you abstain from smoking in your room. Something else you can do is, keep your windows open for a decent measure of air in the room. The air movement will keep the room less dusty.

Last however not the slightest; don't introduce such huge numbers of things in your room just to make it great. A full room will rather look muddled and there will be more opportunities to discover enormous dusty articles. You have to dispose of futile and additional items to make all the more free space. This will add another look to your room, and it won't look messy and a hard place.

Brisk Dusting Tip
In case you're similar to me, you're stunned at how quick tidy amasses in your home. You additionally most likely loathe dusting with energy. However, it as to be finished. In this way, here are a few hints for making the procedure snappier.

Above all else, with regards to a room, clean starting from the top. Begin by dusting spider webs off the roof and afterward tidy high retires, tables lastly seats. At long last, get out the vacuum and do the floor. The purpose of that procedure ought to be clear. Tidy falls and settles as it gets mixed up. Along these lines, things that are low to the ground will just get dusty once more, if you clean them first.

Another important tip is to utilize a wet fabric to clean, not a dry one. Go fabrics will kick away a considerable measure of tidy into the air, as opposed to sticking to it. Then again, tidy will effortlessly stick to wet fabric. The fabric can be moist. It shouldn't be doused. Likewise, if the fabric gets too filthy, you may need to clean it or utilize a moment material before you're finished.

To the extent decreasing dusting, you can enable yourself by getting air to channel. A decent air channel will decrease clean particles a considerable amount. It likewise helps in case you're not a smoker. Moreover, on the off chance that you open a few windows and let some circulation into the place, you're less inclined to see clean settled all over.

Pick the correct tools
While out-dated quill dusters appear to complete a cognitive activity of grabbing the vast majority of the clean on hard surfaces, all they're truly doing is dissipating the particles around. These particles wind up airborne and when the "tidy at long last settle," your furniture is indeed shrouded in a layer of tidy. Not all quill dusters are terrible, nonetheless. On the off chance that you want to utilize a plume duster, settle on one made of ostrich quills. Ostrich plumes are delicate and adaptable and clean tends to usually stick to them. A lambswool duster is another viable tool for cleaning

Venetian blinds, roofs and light fixtures - the oils in the fleece cooperate with a static stick to trap tidy. Clothes or expendable fabrics that pull in and hold tidy with an electrostatic charge (like Swiffer) work much superior to dry material. The electrostatic charge pulls in clean particles as opposed to simply moving them around.

The last tip is whether you have too numerous knickknacks to tidy, you might need to dispose of a couple. If there are creeps of tidy on something, you may not require it. You can spare yourself a considerable measure of dusting bothers on the off chance that you limit the messiness in the space.

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Know Where To Start For Spring Cleaning

Having a beautiful and clean house is the fantasy of many housewives. To understand this fantasy, they need to first beat the obstacle of the yearly spring cleaning. With a reasonable and achievable arrangement for spring cleaning, you may discover quite a bit of your migraine mitigated. Tell us now where to start for spring cleaning

Start with stain removal
The principal vital point to start for is stain removal. Kitchen and bathroom are the high movement zones and stains are most effectively collected in these two rooms. Along these lines, you should center your stain removal works around these two rooms.

Clean the rangehood
Kitchen rangehoods and hobs ought to be cleaned first. Oil is effortlessly collected on the rangehoods. To keep the amassing of oil, you can cover the oil authority with plastic wrap. By changing the plastic wrap consistently, you cleaning work will be facilitated.

Clear the cupboards:
Take away all the unfilled containers and remains. Clean off the racks and rework the compartments in the cupboards. Clearing off the kitchen cupboards is the initial step of your spring cleaning the kitchen. You can likewise give the bureau entryways a careful wash with household cleaning items.

Clean the broiler:
You may leave the broilers to absorb the cleaner overnight. Leave the windows open to dodge the overwhelming odor of broiler more clean. The following day clean the stove with hard swarm scour brushes. You can utilize any household cleaning items to carry out the activity also.

Clean the floor:
Cleaning the floor ought to be the closing piece of your kitchen spring clean. You can blend in a can of tepid water some vinegar and some any fluid cleanser and wash the floor utilizing delicate swarm scour brushes to abstain from scratching the floor. Clean underneath the icebox if you can discover some assistance to move them along.

When cleaning your rangehood, you need to turn it on first. Splash the cleaner onto the turbine fan when it is turning. The oil can be mollify and removed by the centrifugall drive delivered by the turning fan. At that point you can wipe clean the rangehood with substantially less effort.

The high moistness in bathroom causes spots and shape on the floor and divider and in addition stains on can bowl and bath. Rather than manual brushing alone, you require exceptionally figured cleaners.
Lounge room and bedroom are places that build the house climate. You should center around the cleaning of windows, cover, floors, couch, shade and other furniture. A portion of the upholstery requires cleaning and you may need to plan a period for that in around seven days.

Clearing, declusturing and getting sorted out is the second step of spring cleaning.

The way that housewives treasure each household things transforms their houses into storage spaces. Spring cleaning is the best time to clear the pointless things that are talking up your valuable space. This basic advance is fundamental to have a sorted out and roomy house. House space can be all the more adequately used with capacity canisters. Setting stacked capacity containers at corners help set aside a great deal of room.

Amid this progression it's an ideal opportunity to proceed onward to your drawers, cupboards and racks. These places appear to pull in the most mess and are regularly overlooked. By cleaning these regions of your home you are preparing for more vital things like your solutions, adornments or shower and body items.

It's currently time to get out your closets or storerooms. Keep in mind not just yours, your other relatives also. Attire takes up a considerable measure of room in your house. As your pressing up your winter garments put forth a couple of inquiries. Did I wear this outfit this winter? Odds are if you didn't then don't considerably try pressing it! My theory when pressing up regular apparel is if I hadn't worn it that season or in the most recent year it's an ideal opportunity to give or dispose of it.

Start dealing with the heaps of books, garments, daily papers, and so on. Try not to stop until wrapped up. Once completed, put the things in the free boxes and bought containers. Store your "can't choose canister" for no longer than two weeks. At that point, settle on a choice what to do with the substance. Once these undertakings are finished, choose how to keep the room cleaned up. All relatives should be told that all together for the room to stay slick and composed, everybody must get their stuff and put it where it has a place.

At the point when completed the process of cleaning up, if dividers require painted or decorated, pick a date and time on the date-book. Once finished, Spring cleaning can start. Clean and vacuum the furniture, and clean the floor. Wash carpets. Filthy draperies, blinds or window shades ought to likewise be cleaned. Feeling extremely aggressive? Clean the windows, roof fans, lights, and overhead lights. Presently, set a couple of silk blooms, plants, or candles around the room deliberately upgrading corners or tables- - don't go over the edge or the room will look jumbled once more.

House decoration is the last advance for developing a beautiful and clean house. Inventiveness assumes an imperative part to add hues and freshness to your house. Painting the divider or applying backdrop help change the air of the house. Before your official conclusion, you should read the accompanying tips.

Warm shading gives a warm inclination to the house while frosty shading gives a crisp feeling to the house. If you can't choose a shading for your house, you may pick the most secure shade of white.
Take a walk through your house now.

Truly take a gander at all the scratch talents scattered around. I know there are most likely things you can't stand to part with, for example, old pictures, child garments and things that have been given to you. Simply ahead and pack them in an overwhelming obligation straightforward container in a protected place.

Take time now to get out where ever it is you store the most containers. This could be your cellar, storage room or carport. If your putting away places wind up plainly over-burden this isn't great either. If you're not watchful you won't have the capacity to stop your auto in the carport as it is over-burden with your capacity things.


Since you have known where to start for spring cleaning it's an ideal opportunity to get to the overwhelming obligation cleaning of your house. Simply make sure to take it one room at any given moment, not to destroy yourself and before you know it you can raise those windows and appreciate the spring air and daylight.

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Home

Spring cleaning is a customary practice in Singapore, to clean up their homes, remove the cluttered items since some time and renovate. While starting to clean your house start from top to down approach – start from the ceiling of the room to cleaning the floors. Start with cleaning one room at a time; collect the cluttering objects (misplaced fancy items, cosmetics, decorative articles) in a basket which you can again place once the cleaning of the room is completed. Dust every corner of the place.

Be it office to do list cleaning or home to do list for cleaning, the cleaning process lies the same, all you need to do is allocate some time to start the cleaning. Cleaning all at once can be a bit tedious process but can be done if well-planned and in an organized well. The main cleaning tasks would be in bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom and dining room. Make a to-do-list for every room and create a plan of action. Work it out and you will be surprised to see the results.

Bedroom & Living Room Cleaning

To Do List Cleaning
- Cleaning doors, windows, gates
- Sweep and vacuum floors
- Moping the floors
- Dusting the furniture, appliances, cabinets, interiors, exteriors, cabinets, shelves, etc
- Cleaning and polish glass, mirror, delicate decorative items
- Cleaning electrical fittings, appliances, etc.
· Take down Sheer curtains, drapes and window panels, can send it for cleaning.

· Dust and vacuum all surfaces - ceiling, baseboards, and furniture, under the carpets. Be careful while dealing with electrical items like chandeliers, lightbulbs, fans, lampshades and indoor wall sconces.

· Use the extra attachments that comes for vacuum cleaners or an extendable feather duster to clean the upholstered furniture and table chair legs

· Clean walls with a sponge mop and a diluted cleaning solution. Start doing it from bottom and go to the top, doing the other way round may leave drip marks on the bottom side.

· Open your windows wide as ventilators as much as possible. This will allow fresh air into your homes, also avoid unnecessary suffocation, and dust allergies which may happen while dusting.

· Remove books, storage accessories, cosmetics, decorative items, household items from the shelves and re-organize them once dusting is done.

· Give away unused clothes; throw away the unused cosmetics, cluttered items which accumulate in your dresser drawers. Open it and clean out the closets.

· Vacuum the rugs both sides, change the bed linen, if valuable send it to professional cleaning.

· Spray fabric freshener to your bed mattress and room freshener to give that satisfactory and fresh feel to your cleaned place.

Kitchen Cleaning

To Do List Cleaning
- Removing grease on walls, tiles, stove, hob
- Sweep and vacuum floors
- Moping the floors
- Cleaning sink, cabinets, refrigerator, dishwasher

· Vacuum every corner of the kitchen cabinet, refrigerator coil, stove vents and corners. Dispense unnecessary jars, bottles and stacked unwanted food items.

· Move the appliances and then clean the area with soap water or diluted cleaning liquid. Shine the stainless and glass items with glass cleaning liquid

· Use gloves while cleaning the steel, removing hard stains in the kitchen.

· Clean your refrigerator shelves, dispense unused jars, remove the longtime stains happened due to the food items. Use baking soda with water to clean the hard oil stains near the stove. Use some detergent water to clean the inside area of the fridge cabinets and make it clean.

· Clean the greased wall tiles, countertops, stove, hob, sink and fittings. Spray some baking in the sink, pour some vinegar, you are ready to wash in few mins to get sink.

· Remove cabinet contents before starting to clean cabinets. Wash the cabinet and rearrange the contents back in their place. Throw away any unattended items which you might have brought earlier and never used.

· Use floor cleaner to clean the tiles, floor cleaning liquid for hard stains, wipe the floor with clean wet mop.

Bathroom Cleaning

To Do List Cleaning
- Washing and scrubbing floor areas
- Cleaning bathtub, shelves, bathroom cabinets
- Cleaning and polish mirror and glass items
· Scrub the floor with bathroom cleaner and use old brushes to get rid of soap stains.

· Mop the tiles with bathroom cleaning liquid; clean the steel holders and mirrors with cleaning solution.

· Clean the cupboards and get rid of unwanted beauty products if any there.

· Use the grout bush and some cleaning solutions to get the dirt of the grout.

Before you note down the office to do list cleaning and home to do list cleaning, here are some tips to keep yourself and your home safe and hygienic.

Tips & Tricks

Plan ahead your cleaning days, make a to-do-list. This is let you know what to buy for cleaning process. Use soft paper towels to clean the delicate areas, mirrors and items to ensure they are no scratches while cleaning. While dusting use extendable feather dusters to reach the room corners, above windows, room corners and door casings. For deep corners use vacuuming.

Mopping the floor can be tedious job- use squeeze mechanism mops to make your job easy. Change the bed linen quite often. Make quick small repairs, cover gaps and remove the dents. While cleaning it is always good to wear gloves. After cleaning wash your hands with soap. Keep your hand towels and sanitizer handy.

Open your windows wide once in a day to get fresh air circulation. If possible use homemade cleaners to avoid the harmful chemicals available at stores. Try natural cleaning hacks to clean your house. Can try making Scrubs using old soft towels. Use natural stain eliminators like lemon peel, vinegar and baking soda.

Some more tips to help your cleaning process better, start doing it religiously and have a clean, safe and happy home.

Toaster - clean your toaster using feather dusters every now and then
Oven Glass Door - Clean it with lemonade to get the polishing look and wipe it with wet paper.
Garbage - Dispose, clean and sanitize your garbage regularly.
The Fridge – Clean your fridge once in a week, dispose the old food products clinging to the fridge shelves, clean the glass inside.
Fans – Dust your fans once in a while to avoid the grease stains on the sides of the fan blades
Carpets – Vacuum your carpets once in a month to avoid the dust pile up
Kids Toys – Organize your kid’s toys, books, all at one place. Allocate a specific place for your kids to play around and not to scatter it everywhere at your place.
Air Freshener – Make the air around you more pleasant and loving using a good air freshener