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Sunday, 3 July 2016

Choosing the Right Domestic Service

A lot of changes are happening in the contemporary society. Many working class people are finding it increasingly a challenge to keep their offices or homes clean by doing the cleaning personally. The domestic services companies have come in to fill the gap. Today, the domestic services companies offer services ranging from cleaning the windows and rooms of houses to cutting grass in the compound.

That aside, it is becoming common to find both parents working full time to provide for the daily needs of the family. In such cases, kids are left at home under the care of their older siblings, relatives or hired helps. But it becomes a challenge for young families if it happens that they do not have a trusted family relative to support them.

To make it easy for you, we have highlighted below the factors to consider while choosing a domestic service:

The pricing model
Domestic services companies have different pricing models for the services that they offer. You will find a company that charges hourly for the service offered while another company might do a monthly billing. Hourly billing is especially important if you only the services of the helper on a temporary basis. However, if you intend to use the services of the domestic service company for a longer period, then monthly or quarterly billing will be desirable because it is relatively cheaper.

Reputation in the industry
A good reputation is something that takes time to build. An agency with a good reputation is most likely going to offer a very good service. For example, if a domestic service company was involved with some immigration scandals in the past, you should deal with them cautiously. All in all, dealing with an agency that has never been involved in scandalous activities is a sure path to the peace of mind.

Additional service to the package
Most companies are known to specialise thus offering only specific services in the market. For instance, one company might be known for training and hiring out babysitters while others are known for hiring our office cleaning technicians. It is good for a company to specialise in a specific niche for that is what they are known for. However, having additional services that are related can be very helpful. It is therefore advisable for a family person to consider choosing a domestic service company that can offer laundry services as well as babysitting as one package.

The cost
There exist very many domestic service companies in Singapore. These companies are known to charge differently for their services. Even though a high charge does not automatically translate to top quality service, a company that charges cheaply is likely to offer mediocre service. Always go for a company that will give you value for your money.

The scope of the chores
You should decide on what chores that you require to be taken care of by the person seconded to you by the domestic services company. For example, if you have a small baby at home you might consider an all inclusive package that covers taking care of the baby, to the cleaning chores around the house. However, if you stay alone and nobody is left behind while you are gone for work, then you can limit the tasks to only cleaning of the house and nothing else.

The benefits of a hiring a domestic service

Cost effective
If you engage the services of a full time helper, you will be required to take care of their day to day needs such as food and accommodation. This is not the case if you are dealing with a domestic service company. The company will take care of all the things needed by their staff such as transport allowance, subscription to social security fund, health insurance and annual leave. This kind of arrangement can be very cost effective to you.

Personal Privacy
When signing up to access the services of a domestic service company, there is always an agreement between you and the service provider regarding your right to privacy. The agreement is usually binding and can be used in court in case of violation. The privacy agreement protects you against the use of information related to your private life by people who may use it for blackmail or any other malicious purpose.

Flexibility of the engagement 
Domestic service companies allow you to choose how many times you would like to engage their services. Under this arrangement, you can choose many times you will prefer to use the services of the of the domestic service company. This could be every once a week or monthly or even when you have your family with you for a vacation. For example, a business person who is always on the move might not need a full time service of the helper.

Access to a big pool of experts
Domestic service companies hire people with various skills set. As part of the big team, they have nannies, cleaners, electronic technicians among others. For instance, you will get help maintaining your home electronics such as the fridge very clean as well as a guarantee for minor fixing in the event that it breaks down. Access to huge to a big pool of experts at a minimal fee is a big plus for you.

Vetting for suitability 
Getting a trustworthy helper within short notice can be tricky. The domestic services agency will help you with that. They usually conduct their internal interviews and vetting on their employees to ensure that they are suitable for the clients. This saves you the hassle and time needed to choose the right helper who will serve you diligently and honestly.

If you consider carefully the factors we have highlighted above, choosing the right domestic service will be as easy as tying your shoe lace. Additionally, the opinions from your relatives and friends also matter a lot. Always encourage the people closest to you to share with you their personal experiences dealing with the current or past domestic service agencies. This is because such experiences serve as the reference points even as you make an independent decision.