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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Advantages Of Availing The Professional Cleaning Services

There is nothing worse than coming home after a long day at work or school to a full sink of dishes or a shelf of dusty collectables. These and other household chores tend to pile up if they're not attended to promptly, but who has the time to handle laundry, dishes, and everything else that it takes to keep a household clean and hygienic, especially if you're juggling full-time responsibilities like a job or parenthood? If you're starting to feel overwhelmed by your house cleaning, it may be time to hire a professional cleaning service!

Hiring a Professional is Easier than it sounds

Don't be intimidated by the title of 'professional cleaner,' an efficient and professional house cleaner in Singapore can assist with whatever mundane chore you need help with. It's easy to set up a consultation appointment, during which you will have the chance to discuss which chores need to be completed as well as voice any concerns you may have. Once that has been completed, you'll never have to worry about dirty dishes or a scummy shower ever again.

Why should I hire a professional cleaner?

There are a large number of reasons to hire a professional house cleaner in Singapore, but here are the top two that you should consider.

First, cleaning is their job. How long would it take you to clean your entire house from top to bottom if you included mundane chores like dusting or window cleaning? Take that figure and cut it in half and you'll have some idea of how quickly a professional cleaner can get their job done. They also know how to find that hidden corner where dirt and dust can hide, which you might overlook during your cleaning. Things like fan blades, air vents, and window sills can accumulate dust and dirt that you'd never even think to look for.

Why should you worry about keeping your home or office clean?

Recent studies have shown that spending large amounts of time in a dirty or cluttered living or working space can have dramatic negative influences on a person. Physically, you may find yourself suffering more illnesses or allergies. Mentally and emotionally, living in a dirty home is draining and can lead to depression or other similar mental illnesses. While you may not want to spend the time to organize your home or office, having a clean and organized home to return to can do wonders for your overall wellbeing.

If you're not entirely happy with your current house cleaner in Singapore, you may consider looking for a new one as you need to be happy with what you've agreed to pay for. Before committing to a schedule or a contract, you can determine whether these professionals will meet your needs. A recent poll showed that people who hire a professional cleaner are able to live less stressful and healthier lives. So quit worrying about that laundry in the laundry room, or those dusty keepsakes. Spend more time with your family, and let professional house cleaners from Singapore take care of the rest.

The Advantages Of Availing The Professional Cleaning Services

Cleanliness is one of the most important today and clean house do gives the mind piece and this contributes to life comfortable and better health.All the same the organized and clean household relaxes the owner's mind.It becomes the essential. In today's world, cleaning of your dwelling place is highly possible with the professional cleaners in Singapore and they go with the depth cleaning. The cleaning service is very much necessary and so the home cleaning service include vacuuming, dusting, themes and scrubbing, especially this hard for owners more so who are busy with hard jobs. Cleaning service of house cleaner Singapore always gives the recreation time as well as precious rest. The domestic cleaning Singapore service might helpful for the lucrative business people because they provide the employment to different people and so people can hire the cleaners to clean the office or homes who are extremely busy to take the cleaning themselves. Today the domestic cleaning require in the kitchen and bathroom cleaning and even they provide the laundry and ironing service to make the owner's life easier.

The Efficient Cleaning Service

Nowadays, most of the domestic service providers provide a high standard work and even they incorporate all the values like reliability, competitiveness, honesty, commitment to assure the people with high-quality service. The people who interested to employ the cleaning company then make the call or via online booking. The cleaning services Singapore provides the different specifications of the parts that which part need to clean and what to clean. Also, they operate the holding service as a result the cleaning providers still come from owners to complete the work. Hiring the Singapore domestic cleaner is very affordable. Nowadays everyone is preparing to hire the domestic cleaners to manage the lifestyle this because of the standard living and also people try often to earn more money in order to pay off bills or mortgage. The domestic cleaners deliver the work on right time and they will maintain the deadlines and many more and so it's not difficult for people to concentrate on cleaning.

Professional Service

The domestic cleaning Singapore help to save the time that who can't manage our work and this is an affordable way to keep the house as regular basis or clean. The professionals always take out less to maintain as well as clean the house. The Singapore cleaners are professionals and therefore their services have done under experienced and trained staffs. The professional services are efficient and they will not dissatisfy the clients. They will clean the entire house properly and there will not present any dirt or dust after cleaned by a professional. Today the people who are afraid to make calls for cleaners you can go through the internet. There are many companies providing the cleaning service, but choose the trustworthy company that who gives the reliable work. The cleaning services Singapore make people feel relaxed as well as tension free. The professional has the cleaning tools that what required vanishing as well as they keep the material safely, even though the cleaning service will accomplish a high range of tasks.

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Mistakes To Avoid on Pillow And Bolster Cleaning

They add to comfort ability in beds. Pillows and bolsters ought to be washed after a certain period of use just like other bedding. This way, they become clean and hygienic to sleep on. Bolsters come in different sizes and shapes hence making it hard for some to fit in washing machines. The only alternative to this is hand washing. But do you know the safest way for washing manually without causing it damage? There are common mistakes made when cleaning pillow and bolster that should be avoided. They are as outlined below;

• A lot of people do not keep in mind that the pillows and bolsters should be cleaned as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Instead, they take to washing them using the easiest method with undue regard of the consequence. They fail to understand that every fabric has its own technique of cleaning in order to maintain its original form. Failing to adhere to that will simply make the comforters wear out after a short period of time.

• Cleaning doesn’t mean using tonnes of bleaching agents and detergents. Even the little washing products you have will bring out remarkable results. Using excess will leave detergents hidden in some parts and will prove hard to rinse out. As a result, it will be left out to act as a breeding point for germs. Adequate is enough to bring out a difference.

• While machine washing the pillows and bolsters, some have gone ahead to wash one by one so as to be clean and every part of the laundry washed. What they don’t keep in mind is that it is a rule that two pillows should be placed to be washed together so that it can balance the machine for effective results.

• Many people believe that they are the best when it comes to washing because they have done so for many years. It only needs your rubbing energy for the fabric to come out clean. That is not the case here. Sorting out the brightly colored ones from plain colored is considered the habit of a pro. You could also adopt this method; it is never too late. This helps separate the clothes because if different fabrics come together; it will lead to self destruction of the weaker one.

• Dry cleaning the pillows and bolsters is not the best step to take while drying them. Take advantage of the bright sunshine outside and hang them to dry. This way, the fabric is also taken care of since using a machine will stretch the material hence distorting its original shape gradually and lastly losing its appearance. The sun is gentle and will slowly drip it off water with no damages involved.

• Not adding softeners in the water used for washing. Fabric used for making pillows and bolsters are gentle just like a baby is. This is why it is advisable to add some fabric softeners so that it prolongs its life. It is not always fragrance that comes with the softeners but also has other benefits other than just fragrance.

• A lot of people use cold water to wash the pillows and bolsters. This is terribly wrong. In the tags that come along with the purchase, it is usually indicated that warm water is best for the cleaning. But a lot chose to do the opposite; using cold water. Since during summer is when the pillows should be regularly cleaned, so should warm water be used. Warm water brings out clean clothes to the owner’s satisfaction. Cold water does not do much difference.

• Some also fail to follow instructions and instead of heeding they opt to use a different mechanism. This will in turn destroy the fabric further. For example it could be meant for dry cleaning but is hand washed although that doesn’t expose it to too much danger. The problem lies in the type of detergent used and this should be taken into keen consideration before using it to wash the pillows and bolsters.

• Some bolsters and pillows could be brightly colored. Bright colored clothes have a high probability of dripping color. But the users choose to wash it normally before doing a test whether it will fade and affect the other clothing. A color test should be done before being dipped with others. It is simple. Just use a small piece of cotton and moisten it. Rub it on the surface of the pillow or bolster and if the color comes out, use a different method and if it doesn’t come out, feel free to mix with others.

• Bleaching is not bad but the problem lies on overusing it thinking it will totally make the cloth come cleaner than it should be. It should not be the case. Putting too much of it is not a guarantee that it will rid of all the stains contained in the pillows and bolsters.

• Some people would rather save time and wash the pillows and bolsters only once and they are done. Take time to ensure they come out as clean as possible. Wash them twice to ensure all the dirt and stains come off. Re-rinsing also helps drive away all the stubborn dirt that that did not get out after the first rinse.

• For those that need to be machine washed, do not staff the pillows on the machine just to get done quickly. This will destroy the machine since it is overloaded and might be creased. Besides, because of many clothes, the machine will find it hard to clean every detail of the fabrics hence won’t come out clean to the expectation of the user.

What most people forget is that, when washing pillows and bolsters, clean tennis balls could come in handy. They facilitate a cleaner cleansing. Why is this so? Tennis balls are known to fasten the drying process that is why they are preferred by most people. Although they are of such use during the washing process, some investigations have revealed that some tennis balls might not take the heat in the dryer hence warping and damaging the fluffy pillows inside. Their bright color could also choose to drip because of much heat and affecting the clean garments.

Saturday, 1 October 2016

7 Aircon Servicing Tips You Should Know

If you don’t have a cold aircon in your home, then it would not give any pleasant experience to you. Most of the times, you may have this non pleasant experience due to improper aircon servicing. When you hire technicians do to the Aircon servicing, then most of them ignore those things that gives constant problem in your aircon. The ignore correcting those things so you get problem again and you call them again for the solution of new problem. But if you know some basic tips, then you can always get the best outcome from your aircon servicing and you can have better results as well.

For your reference and help I am sharing those tips that can help you in this regard with great ease. 

Check the blockage: When you ask someone to do the aircon servicing, then make sure they remove all the blockage from the vents of aircon. This blockage should not be there at any place including the indoor unit of your aircon and outdoor unit as well. Many technicians does to the Aircon servicing and they put the blockage back on the outdoor unit. If the outdoor unit of your aircon will not have proper air flow, then it will have extra load on it and it will give other troubles as well to you in shorter time. So, if we talk about the most basic tips for aircon servicing, then make sure you check the blockage.

Check filter status: If you have a technician for aircon servicing, then make sure you ask him to change the aircon filter. Even if claims your filter is fresh and you don’t need to change it, then also you should ask him to change it. Unlike many other tips this may sound contradictory for you, but you should always have a fresh filter in your aicon. A fresh filter will not only increase the cooling capacity, but it will increase the freshness as well in your room. Other than this, it will reduce the electricity bill also for you.

Thermostat position: When we talk about tips of aircon servicing, then people can talk about the coolant, and filter, but they never talk about the thermostat position. If you will keep the thermostat close to any electric bulb or other object that generate heat, then your ac may not perform according to your will. You may set the temperature at a certain level, but due to that heat source temperature of thermostat will always remain high. That means your room will get much colder than your actual requirement and it will put extra load on your air on as well. So, make sure you set the thermostat position wisely and you keep it away from any heat source. 

Choose a trustworthy technician:
Some diy tips can suggest you to do your aircon servicing work by yourself, but I don’t recommend you do that ever. Instead of that I would ask you to hire someone who has experience in this field and offer the best services to you. If you want you can try doing that work by yourself, but I assure you, you would not be getting any good result with it. In this situation, you may end up having a lot of complication and you damage your aircon as well. So, if you want to get only the best aircon servicing, then you should hire a technician that has experience and licence to the do aircon servicing work in Singapore. If that person or company does not have necessary documents, then prefer not to hire them in any condition.

Do it regularly: Most of the aircon experts recommend you to do regular servicing of Aircon in every three months. I don’t have any different opinion with them and I also suggest you to go ahead for a regular maintenance in every three or four months. If you can follow tips given by expert for the regular servicing, then this is certain that you would be able to find many of the problems before they appear. As a result of that you would get more comfortable house and you would never need to deal with the crouching heat during summer. So, make sure you keep these tips in your mind and you do the aircon servicing on regular manner.

Ask for warranty:
When you hire someone for aircon servicing, then you should ask for warranty of the services. If you will hire a company that does its work with full confidence, then chances are very high you will get warty from them. That should never give any trouble to you and if you get any complication then you can ask for the repairing in the same cost.

However, these tips will work for you only if that service provider respect its warranty and gives you services on time. If they don’t give services to you on time, then it will be of no use to hire them for any need.

Do check all the things: In many tips, they advise you to leave things on your aircon servicing experts. However, I have just opposite opinion for same. You should check things by yourself before finalizing the work or before giving money to them. If they refilled the coolant in your aircon, then make sure you check the coolant pressure and you pay money to them only if its pressure is as high as committed. Same thing applies for the filter and other things as well. I am suggesting this because if they would not do work as committed, then you cannot say anything at a later time, nor you can ask for a refund in most of the situation.

If you can follow these 7 tips for aircon servicing, then you would defiantly have an airocn that will keep working for you all the time and you will have comfortable room as well. So, next time when you hire someone for aircon servicing make sure you keep these things in your mind and you follow the tips accordingly.

Friday, 2 September 2016

What Are The Common Causes Of Leaking Aircon?

One common problem facing many homeowners in Singapore is leaking Aircon. If allowed to develop, a leaking Air conditioner becomes messy and cause significant damages to the walls, floors and ceiling. The good news is that most Aircon leaks can be prevented with the right approach. Knowing the common cause of the leak is the first step to proactive action. In this article, we will explore some reason why your conditioner might be leaking and the proactive action that you can take, and what you can do if it happens. 

1. Clogged condensate drains line
One of the most common problems behind a sudden leak is clogged drain line. When the conditioner’s drain line is clogged by debris, dirt or molds, the unit’s water will stop to move freely out of the conditioner and since Singapore is hot and humid, your Aircon runs more often, so it won’t take a large amount of water to build up. The root issue may be a dirty evaporator coil. As the dirt mixes with the water, it drips into the pan, hence clogging the line. Another root problem may be that the drain pan has rusted allowing water to fall through the pan, causing disastrous leaks.

What to do: Routine preventative maintenance from a trusted professional is necessary to avoid this from happening. He or she will inspect the conditioner's condensate trap and advise you on a way forward. You can also clean you A/C using a wet/dry vacuum at least after three to four months, or even more frequent depending on the level of dust, but the best surefire way is to let a professional do it.

2. Frozen evaporator coil.
When you open the blower door of your air conditioner, you will see the evaporator coil. If you find accumulated ice, then it means that melting is slow causing water to flow over the drain pan and to the floor. There are few things that can cause a frozen evaporator coil, but the main one is a dirty filter which restricts air flow over the coil. Without warm air passing through, the coils temperature will drop low, and that’s why you see the accumulated ice.

What to do: The best cause of action when your evaporator coils freeze over, is to call a professional A/C expert, so that they can conduct a refrigerant leak test or do find out the root problem and prevent it from happening again. But before they arrive, go to your thermostat and turn it off, in order to begin the thawing process.

Prolonged operation under such situation will definitely damage the compressor, so make sure you shut it off immediately. If you can check the intake side and ensure it’s clean, and if it is dirty use the correct cleaners and brushes. Don’t use wire brush!

3. Broken condensate pump
Your a/c condenser pump, a shallow receptacle you see beneath the coils, might be broken, especially if the unit is installed in the basement. Any malfunctioning of the condensate pump, which mainly comes about as a result of breakage or dirt can cause water leakage from your Aircon.

What to do: You can test the pump by pouring some water in the unit condenser pan, and determine whether it can adequately pump out water. If not, make sure the power is on and functioning, and if the power is fine, it means that there is a problem that needs an HVAC repairman.

4. Poor insulation and faulty installation
If you’re a/c system wasn’t installed in a proper position or may be the connection in the drain system aren’t tight as they are supposed to be, then there are high chances that your air conditioner will leak. A tilted a/c for instance, will not be able to drain all the water accumulated during the condensation process.

On the back of your indoor a/c, you will find insulation installed where the unit connects the wall. The insulation system helps soak up the condensation growing on the pipes close to the wall. If this insulation was not properly installed or is worn out, it will lose its capability to absorb the condensation produced by a/c causing a leak.

What to do: Clearly, the only way to avoid such problem is by letting a reliable technician do the job. Regular maintenance is highly recommended. During a typical maintenance visit, a technician should inspect the filters, the insulation quality, and other installation components and make sure that the problem doesn’t happen again.

5. Low refrigerant level 
Just like dirty air filters, low Freon/refrigerant lower the pressure in your a/c, causing the coil to freeze. When the coils melts, the drain can’t keep up, there will be a leak. You can easily notice low on refrigerant, if for instance, the aircon isn’t cooling well or there is a hissing sound, then this is a clear indication that there is a refrigerant leak.

What you need to do: Depending with the severity of the leak, you can either look for repair service or replace the whole system. Replacement may be the best cause of action, but contact your repairman for better suggestions depending on the condition of your system.

Leaking aircon can also be as a result of:

• Lack of p-trap and air vent in the drain line
• Drain line disconnection
• Sensor problems
• Electric control failures

There are many more problems that can cause air conditioner leak, but these few are the most common. Sometimes, when a small amount of water is coming from the A/C, you don’t need to do anything in particular. A Large amount of water or water that persists for few days, however, should be a cause for concern. Only a certified HVAC technician can be able to pinpoint the exact problem and give the best solution.

Remember, 80 percent of the Aircon leaks are preventable through regular maintenance. Upon installation of your system, it is more than important, that you ensure the unit you get a rugged, high-quality system, with the correct size and should be installed properly. Get a qualified technician to inspect your air conditioner to establish the actual problem and determine the best solution for the leak.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

What Causes Aircon Light Blinking Problem?

Most people are not aware why their aircon light starts blinking. Although this is a prevalent problem experienced by thousands of people residing in Singapore, it isn't usually talked about. During the first time you experience the problem, you would most likely feel panic, confusion and stress. This is because most people do not know what it means and what causes it. Air conditioners are an essential part of a home, especially for people who live in areas with extreme temperatures. When the air conditioner isn't performing properly, it usually causes a lot of inconvenience. Even if it's only a few minutes of having a malfunctioning air conditioner, it still causes people to get worried. This is why it's very important to be knowledgeable about what causes an aircon light blinking problem. Today, we will be discussing about some helpful information which will help you better understand what causes this problem.

In a lot of these cases, people who have air conditioners with light blinking problems are faced with a much more complicated situation. Once the light starts blinking, it can cause the entire air conditioner unit to malfunction completely. This may cause higher repair bills which most people are not willing to pay for. The last thing you need is another problem on top of the already existing one. There are also very unfortunate cases wherein the air conditioner goes off before the technician reaches the location. It is common for Singaporeans to feel helpless, confused and stressed out.

When you really want to resolve an issue but you have no idea how to fix it, it will make you feel very aggravated. To prevent this situation from happening, it's important to be able to identify the cause of the problem on your own. This way, you would have sufficient and accurate information to tell the technician when he arrives. Aircon light blinking problems are caused by various reasons. There are some which you could easily do on your own while others are more complicated and need the expertise of an HVAC technician. Let's take a look into the most common Causes of Aircon Light Blinking problems.

When a refrigerant consistently has a low charge, it can cause the air conditioner's light to start blinking. This is a very common occurrence for units who are already old and have been used to its maximum ability. A temperature below 18 degrees will negatively affect the refrigerant. As a result, the air conditioner will start blinking and will release inadequate cooling temperatures.

Leaking problems in the refrigerant is one of the most common cause of aircon light blinking. It cannot be easily resolved by just adding a new refrigerant. This is one of the circumstances where you will need the expertise of an HVAC technician. By hiring a person who knows exactly where to locate the leak and how to make it stop leaking, your problem will be solved more efficiently. After inspecting where the leak is located, the technician would usually fix it or add another refrigerant.

All air conditioner units need to be scheduled for regular checkup and maintenance. This ensures that it will be able to maximize its performance to its best capabilities. When you fail to have it scheduled for checkups, there is a much higher chance that you'll experience permanent problems. Having regular checkup and maintenance helps detect problems easily before it worsens. It's very important to allocate some time to do this because it will be for your own benefit.

A loose connection is the most common cause of light blinking problems in air conditioners. It is usually caused by a tripped circuit breaker. It can easily be solved by having a replacement fuse for the breaker. The only step you have to do next is to reset it. If this doesn't solve the problem, you can also check for loose wiring connections in the unit itself. Although you may think that you can fix this on your own, hiring an experienced technician is the best option. This is because you might not be very knowledgeable about wiring and it could cause more damage to your unit.

Even though you might think that hiring your local handyman is much cheaper than hiring an experienced technician, it could cause your air conditioner unit to require a replacement. A local handyman doesn't have the necessary tools, equipment and experience to install and fix your unit's problems. If you choose to hire one, keep in mind that his work may cause disastrous effects on your air conditioner. As a result, you will end up spending more money because you will need to buy a brand new unit.

This is one of the types of aircon light blinking problems which definitely requires an experienced technician. It is the most complicated issues you may encounter which is why it's essential to hire a technician. When you allow circuit board problems to continue happening for a period of time, it could cause sudden breakdowns. It is always very important to be very mindful of your air conditioner's behavior and performance. When you first discover that the aircon light is blinking, you should immediately switch off the circuit breaker. After a few minutes, you can try turning it back on. If the unit doesn't have any loose connection problems, it should turn on like normal.

Having a purifying filter will ensure that your air conditioner always has fresh and healthy air running through it. It's a great way to ensure that you're breathing in clean air at all times. It also has plenty of health benefits. However, damaged or faulty purifying filters may cause light blinking problems.


In relation to poor maintenance, failure to service the condenser can also cause light blinking problems. It is necessary to have it serviced regularly by an experienced technician. This is to ensure that the air circulation wouldn't be blocked. When the condenser isn't maintained properly, it increases power consumption which results in higher electricity bills. It is recommended to have your condenser serviced annually to prevent the problem from happening.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Choosing the Right Domestic Service

A lot of changes are happening in the contemporary society. Many working class people are finding it increasingly a challenge to keep their offices or homes clean by doing the cleaning personally. The domestic services companies have come in to fill the gap. Today, the domestic services companies offer services ranging from cleaning the windows and rooms of houses to cutting grass in the compound.

That aside, it is becoming common to find both parents working full time to provide for the daily needs of the family. In such cases, kids are left at home under the care of their older siblings, relatives or hired helps. But it becomes a challenge for young families if it happens that they do not have a trusted family relative to support them.

To make it easy for you, we have highlighted below the factors to consider while choosing a domestic service:

The pricing model
Domestic services companies have different pricing models for the services that they offer. You will find a company that charges hourly for the service offered while another company might do a monthly billing. Hourly billing is especially important if you only the services of the helper on a temporary basis. However, if you intend to use the services of the domestic service company for a longer period, then monthly or quarterly billing will be desirable because it is relatively cheaper.

Reputation in the industry
A good reputation is something that takes time to build. An agency with a good reputation is most likely going to offer a very good service. For example, if a domestic service company was involved with some immigration scandals in the past, you should deal with them cautiously. All in all, dealing with an agency that has never been involved in scandalous activities is a sure path to the peace of mind.

Additional service to the package
Most companies are known to specialise thus offering only specific services in the market. For instance, one company might be known for training and hiring out babysitters while others are known for hiring our office cleaning technicians. It is good for a company to specialise in a specific niche for that is what they are known for. However, having additional services that are related can be very helpful. It is therefore advisable for a family person to consider choosing a domestic service company that can offer laundry services as well as babysitting as one package.

The cost
There exist very many domestic service companies in Singapore. These companies are known to charge differently for their services. Even though a high charge does not automatically translate to top quality service, a company that charges cheaply is likely to offer mediocre service. Always go for a company that will give you value for your money.

The scope of the chores
You should decide on what chores that you require to be taken care of by the person seconded to you by the domestic services company. For example, if you have a small baby at home you might consider an all inclusive package that covers taking care of the baby, to the cleaning chores around the house. However, if you stay alone and nobody is left behind while you are gone for work, then you can limit the tasks to only cleaning of the house and nothing else.

The benefits of a hiring a domestic service

Cost effective
If you engage the services of a full time helper, you will be required to take care of their day to day needs such as food and accommodation. This is not the case if you are dealing with a domestic service company. The company will take care of all the things needed by their staff such as transport allowance, subscription to social security fund, health insurance and annual leave. This kind of arrangement can be very cost effective to you.

Personal Privacy
When signing up to access the services of a domestic service company, there is always an agreement between you and the service provider regarding your right to privacy. The agreement is usually binding and can be used in court in case of violation. The privacy agreement protects you against the use of information related to your private life by people who may use it for blackmail or any other malicious purpose.

Flexibility of the engagement 
Domestic service companies allow you to choose how many times you would like to engage their services. Under this arrangement, you can choose many times you will prefer to use the services of the of the domestic service company. This could be every once a week or monthly or even when you have your family with you for a vacation. For example, a business person who is always on the move might not need a full time service of the helper.

Access to a big pool of experts
Domestic service companies hire people with various skills set. As part of the big team, they have nannies, cleaners, electronic technicians among others. For instance, you will get help maintaining your home electronics such as the fridge very clean as well as a guarantee for minor fixing in the event that it breaks down. Access to huge to a big pool of experts at a minimal fee is a big plus for you.

Vetting for suitability 
Getting a trustworthy helper within short notice can be tricky. The domestic services agency will help you with that. They usually conduct their internal interviews and vetting on their employees to ensure that they are suitable for the clients. This saves you the hassle and time needed to choose the right helper who will serve you diligently and honestly.

If you consider carefully the factors we have highlighted above, choosing the right domestic service will be as easy as tying your shoe lace. Additionally, the opinions from your relatives and friends also matter a lot. Always encourage the people closest to you to share with you their personal experiences dealing with the current or past domestic service agencies. This is because such experiences serve as the reference points even as you make an independent decision.

Sunday, 5 June 2016

VRV system VS Split System

Buying the right type of heating and cooling solution for your office or home is usually a highly complicated task largely due to the many factors that come into play. Before making the final buying decision, you need to consider the size and division of your home or office rooms, budget, age of building and the type of technology among other installation considerations. The process of finding the ideal heating and cooling system is complicated by the fact that there is no single unit in the market that is suitable for every room. For some homes and buildings, VRV systems could be the most efficient system while for others, split units could be well suited. To choose the right system between a VRV system and split units, you must thoroughly consider the pros and cons of each system as compared with your heating and cooling needs. To help you make the right decision, this article will help explain how each system works and the benefits you will enjoy for installing these emerging heating and cooling solutions.

VRV System

Variable refrigerant volume commonly referred to as VRV is a popular air-conditioning system designed and developed by Daikin over 30 years ago for commercial building application with advanced individual zone control to effectively and efficiently control your building’s climate system. Over the years, the VRV systems have been updated to offer greater energy efficiency and provide an all-around climate solution for a wider range of applications.

The VRV system was the first unit in the market with variable refrigerant flow control in the world. The system uses heat pump and inverter technology to continuously adjust the system refrigerant amount to help significantly save on energy while offering accurate control for optimum comfort. Some of the main highlights that helped market VRV systems include the waterless operation, energy saving features and absolute flexibility. The new VRV systems are also designed to offer significant benefits to installers, engineers and homeowners by enhancing building comfort and integration of new technology developments for further energy savings.

Advantages of a VRV System

- Independent Control: The VRV system enables zones on the same floor or different floors to have independent air conditioning control by automatically controlling each unit to offer different sized rooms with suitable environment for working or living.

- Cost Savings: The VRV system allows each zone to be controlled independently resulting in low running costs. Unlike other systems, the VRV solution makes it possible to only heat or cool the specific rooms that need air conditioning while being completely shut down in the rooms that does not require air conditioning. Furthermore, the total load for specific units can be adjusted based on the specific air conditioning needs. The independent control lets you save resources by only using the system in rooms where conditioning is needed.

- Adapts easily to any floor plan

- Offers efficient space utilization

- Simplifies installation

- Wide range of control system

- Low operating sound design

- Auto swing and auto restart function

The Unique Capabilities of VRV Systems

As a result of continuous innovation, the current generation of VRV systems is fitted with superior technology to offer amazing capabilities.

- Using the heat recovery technology, the latest systems have the capability to reuse heat from various rooms such as the server and offices to heat other areas, heat applications and warm water as per your needs.

- Featuring the variable refrigerant temperature, the VRV system can continuously adjust the refrigerant temperature to match the actual capacity and temperature needed at all times for maximum seasonal efficiency.

- Using the more reliable compressor, the VRV system can increase compression volume by up to 50 percent.

Split Units 

The split system consists of two operating components that include the fan and the evaporator. The system is wall-mounted inside a building while the compressor unit is fitted outside the building on the ground or hung on the wall. The split units work by extracting humidity and hot air inside a building and remove them using the compressor. To heat your home, the units extract cold air and blow warm air around the building.

The system has an internal thermostat that detects warm air to activate the outdoor compressor that circulates the refrigerant gas increasing the temperature and pressure as it passes through the pipes to the condenser for further processing. Once in the condenser, the gas changes into chilled liquid that is pushed indoors to the evaporator system. In the evaporator system, the warm air is passed through the pipe containing the chilled refrigerant for cooling before it is blown back into the room by the fan system. The process will continue until the unit stops detecting warmer air than desired.

Benefits of the Split Units

- Reduced energy loss: Unlike the centralized air conditioning units that waste massive energy in the air duct system, the split units has only two localized component sections, which greatly reduce the chances of energy escaping the system

- Targeted heating and cooling: With the split units, you can install an installer and a fan in every room and run them independently using only one outdoor compressor for efficient and convenient heating.

- Long term costs savings: Although the system requires electrical wiring and specialized installation techniques, homeowners find it as a cheap, energy-efficient way of precisely controlling heat in the home thanks to its compact design that is easy to operate and maintain.

- Air Purification: Some split units are fitted with air purifying features to help prevent dust and allergens from circulating in the building.


If you are trying to choose between the VRV system and the split units, you need to consider the effectiveness and suitability of the units in relation to your cooling needs. The split unit is a suitable solution if you are looking for a unit that offers the convenience of central air with the efficiency and customization of a space fan or heater. The split units have a larger compressor than window units enabling them to cool larger areas. The VRV system is suitable if you are looking for a single system that integrates cooling, heating, hot water and ventilation with an advanced temperature control solution that is suitable for any sized buildings. Furthermore, the VRV system is suitable if you are looking for a unit that offers enormous energy saving with increased flexibility.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Aircon Installation - What You Need To Know

When you get a new aircon in your home, then you need to do the aircon installation in a proper manner to get the right kind cooling and comfort in your home. In order to do the aircon installation in the best possible manner, there are few things that you should know to get the best outcome. If you are well aware of those things, then you can go ahead and do the installation, but if you are not then here I am sharing those things with you that you should need before you plan your aircon installation.

Wall strength:
When you do the aircon installation then you get your aircon in two parts. One is the outdoor unit and another one is the indoor unit. In the outdoor unit, you will always find a place that is safe and sound, but you need to do the same for the indoor unit as well. If you will hang your indoor unit on a wall that is not strong enough to hold the weight of the indoor unit, then it might come down along with your wall. So, before you go ahead with the aircon installation, make sure you check the strength of your wall to get the right information.

Spacing between wall and AC: In your aircon installation, you need to keep an eye between the wall and AC unit space as well. In an indoor AC unit, you need to give at least 15 centimetres of space for proper air flow in its surrounding. Hence, at the time of aircon installation, make sure you choose a place that is at lease 15 CM away from the top or any corner of the walls. That will help you get proper cooling without putting a lot of load on your aircon.

Right height for installation: For better comfort from your aircon, you also need to pay minute attention to the height of aircon installation. In a good situation, your indoor unit should be mounted at the height of 7 to 8 feet from the ground. If you will mount it any higher than that, then you would not be getting any good outcome and same is the case for lower size as well. As science says, cool air always remains on the lower side and warm air goes up. So, this height would be perfect for you.

Correct tilting angle: All the indoor aircon units look straight or exactly parallel from the surface, but that is not true. In aircon installation, the brackets that hold the unit are given a tilt angle. That tilting is very minor, but they do give this slight tilt to make sure you get an unrestricted flow of condensed water from your aircon unit. If you won’t have that tilt angle, then water will remain in your drain pipes and you will not be able to get any good result.

Outdoor unit place selection: This is really important that you mount your indoor and outdoor unit in a wise manner. For better result you should mount both the units away from direct sunlight and water. Also, the outdoor unit of your aircon should be installed in open places so its exhausted heat will not affect the cooling. That means you should not have any obstruction in front of the outdoor unit and if possible you should have a shade on top of your outdoor aircon unit. These simple suggestions will not only increase the cooling, but that will also reduce your electricity bill.

Proper placement of outdoor unit: In addition to proper place selection proper placement is also very important for outdoor unit. It must be there in a place that is properly flat. If you will not place it on a completely flat surface, then it will vibrate a lot and that will affect the compressor and other parts of your aircon. This excessive vibration can cause damage to your coolant pipe, compressor, and other things. Also, it will make a lot of noise that will disturb you and your neighbour both.

Distance between units: Many people may not know that right distance between your indoor and outdoor unit also plays a major role in the cooling. The coolant keep flowing between your indoor and outdoor unit and that coolant remain there at a very low temperature. The effect of cooling is inversely proportional to the distance of indoor and outdoor unit. If you will have outdoor unit at a large distance, then a lot of cooling will be lost and you will have lack of cooling. So, you should try to reduce this distance as much as possible. In an ideal situation, the maximum distance between indoor and outdoor unit should be 15 meters most that too by the copper pipe that you are using for coolant flow.

Sealing of your room: in your aircon installation you should also check the sealing of your room. If you r room is leaking some cold air, then you would not get the essential cooling from it. That is why you should try to reduce this kind of leaking and you should have a properly sealed room before aircon installation. If needed, you can call some expert that can do the work for you to seal of the leakage. Once you will do that, then you will get good results as well. So, keep that thing also in your mind for a better result from your aircon installation.

In addition to this, the size of room also plays a major role in the aircon installation and it cooling effect. If you have a very big room, then you will need more electricity and more capacity to cool the room. For that situation, you can try to reduce the size of the room by using false ceiling and similar other options. Other than this, you should also pay proper attention on the voltage and if you have any kind of voltage issues in your home, then you should install a voltage stabilizer as well along with the aircon installation.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Daikin SkyAir Inverter VS Sky Air Non-Inverter

Daikin has earned a good name by offering advanced and innovative air conditioning solutions for both commercial and residential buildings. These air-conditioning systems are designed with many developed features such as energy efficient, reliability, and developed zoning capabilities. Moreover, it offers the best warranty in this industry. Hence, it can be a good solution for anyone who wants a good cooling system without losing the peace of mind.

Daikin offers cooling solutions both for the single and multi rooms. These cooling systems are available in a variety of designs and sizes. All of them come with developed technologies such as energy efficient, quiet operation, space-saving design, environmentally friendly, easy and quick installation, less maintenance, user- friendly controllers and many other features.

If you want to buy an aircon, but a little confused to choose between the Daikin SkyAir inverter and Sky Air Non-inverter then this article can be a great help for you. This article will help you with the features of both the products. Though both the products are considered good and are able to meet your requirements, but the features of both these products can help you to get the best one for you.

Daikin SkyAir Inverter

Daikin SkyAir Inverter is cost effective. It can be used both in the old and new constructions. It has a superior heating capacity and it does not require any backup electric heating. It is energy efficient as well. It is available in wide ranges that start from 18,000 to 42,000Btu/h.

Features of the Daikin SkyAir Inverter
As mentioned above, it has come with many developed features and advanced technologies. Some of the features of this aircon are given below.

• It offers superior Comfort
• It is energy efficient
• Easy operating system
• It requires less maintenance
• No risk of gas or fire from spilled fuel
• It is Safe to be used
• No fear of carbon monoxide emission
• It has superior heating ability
• It is easy to be installed and handle
• It comes with auto-changeover. It does not require manual intervention to change the mode to adjust and maintain the room temperature

Some other features of the Daikin SkyAir Inverter are volt free float switch integration, corrosion resistant coating, optional electric resistant heat, heating and cooling fan’s auto separate configuration, and gravity –fed drain connection. Moreover, it has sound reducing features such as compressor sound attenuators. It can operate both in high and low speed.

Daikin SkyAir Inverter is a perfect combination of both styles with a high degree of substance. It is a good choice for offices, shops, restaurants, showrooms, and kind of application. It can be used both for the old and new construction. So, anyone can use it to get the benefits. It is compact, reliable, energy efficient, and quiet. It is available in different models. You can get the reverse cycle (that offers the cooling and heating) and the cooling one only. Moreover, it is easy to be operated and anyone with a little experience can handle it comfortably. It has a number of control options. It makes the ever corner of your room comfortable by offering cool. Furthermore, SkyAir units are durable, energy efficient, compact, and easy and safe to be used.

Sky Air Non-inverter

You can expect a good quality product and developed technology from this product as it is the creation of Daikin. Sky Air Non-inverter is considered a good option both forth the residential and commercial purposes. It is the perfect choice to bring a high-quality air conditioning. It meets the expectations of the people and has justified being a product of Daikin.

Features of the Sky Air Non-Inverter 

• It comes with easy operating system
• It does not create sound while operating
• It requires flexible Installation
• It offers wide variety of Indoor units
• It demands less maintenance
• It is energy efficient
• It adjusts the temperature and avoids irregularity
• It is compact but effective
• The comfort enhanced by the Round Flow
• It is durable

Daikin offers different types of non-inverter indoor units such as ceiling cassette type, duct connection type, ceiling suspension type and floor standing types. All these varieties are made to meet the demands and requirements of all type of people. So that everyone will get an opportunity to use this cooling system. But the quality in all the above products is not compromised.

Sky Air non-inverter comes with a simple modern design with a fresh white color that can match well with any kind of interior design. It is easy to be used and anyone can operate it by following the simple instructions. It can be installed both in the old and new construction and does not require more space for the installment. In fact, the installation process is easy and it does demand more maintenance.

It does not create sounds, unlike the traditional cooling machines. The sound of the Sky air non-inverter depends on the type of your units. For the indoor units, the sound level ranges from 32 Db (A) to 45 dB (A) and for the outdoor units the sound ranges from 48 dB (A) to 58 dB (A).

Which one is the best?

It is difficult to say which one is the best. Both of these products are Daikin products. Daikin has a good reputation for offering reliable and quality products. Both Daikin SkyAir Inverter and Sky Air Non-Inverter are good products. Both these products have some unique qualities and some disadvantages. You need to go through all these to get a good aircon for you.

Many other factors can play an important role for buying a good product. First of all, your budget, how much you can spend on your cooling machine and the second is your requirements. Why do you need it and when do you need it. Do you want a simpler or developed one? Consider all the above factors before buying a cooling solution for you.

If you want developed technologies, then you will have to spend more. You can go for Daikin SkyAir Inverter. It comes with many developed features such as enhanced comforts, easy installation, less maintenance, east operating system, advanced cooling system, energy-efficient, automatic adjust system and many other facilities. If you want to spend less then Sky Air non-inverter will be a good option for you.

Sunday, 13 March 2016

7 Reasons Why Your Aircon Is Colder After Servicing

When you don’t get efficient cooling from your aircon unit, you may think of servicing it, and I would say that is always a very convenient thing to do. However, after servicing most people become aware of the fact that their aircon system becomes much more efficient and makes their home much colder in a very short time. Just like a warm or humid room, a colder room can make you feel uncomfortable, and people tend to wonder why their aircon is colder after servicing. If you had the same question in mind and you are perhaps seeking an answer then look no further since I shall share a few details below that may answer your question.

Correct amount of coolant
A coolant is the most crucial thing that helps you to get efficient cooling from your aircon. We normally keep using our aircon units without occasionally looking at the coolant level and end up not getting proper cooling from the system. However, servicing it effectively eliminates this particular issue, and you shall get a much colder room. A 10% drop in coolant level within the aircon system will lead to a 20% cooling capacity reduction. This basically means that in case you have 30% less coolant in your aircon system then it will provide only 40% less cooling than its normal capacity. But this situation changes once you change the coolant in your aircon unit when its being serviced and you may get a much cooler aircon as a result.

Removal of dirt
When you invest plenty of your time and money in servicing your aircon unit, technicians normally remove the filter before making any additional changes to it. This minor change reduces a lot of load from your aircon system it will begin to supply much cooler air than it previously did. Accumulation of dirt may cause friction to certain components of the unit, and the aircon may end up functioning poorly. One good thing about removing dust and dirt from your unit is that it makes it healthier and safe for you and your family. Therefore, when I talk about reasons for a much colder aircon unit after servicing it, then I would definitely say that the replacement of filters and removal of dust and dirt is the main reason for that remarkable result.

Proper ventilation of the outdoor unit
Another thing that may affect the cooling functionality of your aircon unit is improper ventilation for the outdoor unit. We usually don’t pay attention to the fact that the outdoor unit is equally important to the efficient running of your aircon system and if not properly ventilated then your aircon may malfunction. You may ignore this particular issue, but your aircon technician will ensure that the same mistake is avoided by thoroughly checking the ventilation of the outdoor unit. If he notices that it is not properly ventilated, then he will make the necessary changes and ensure that it is properly ventilated. This extra precaution will ensure that you get a much colder aircon system without running into any problem.

Proper aircon tuning
Many people think that they may be experts in everything and can end up destroying the tuning of their aircon. However, in most cases they do not know anything pertaining the tuning of their aircon unit and as a result, they may not get proper cooling. An aircon technician, on the other hand, knows all about this kind of issues and also knows how to tune an aircon perfectly. Therefore, he not only check the issue but also solves it accordingly. As a result of that minor change, your aircon starts working efficiently, and you are guaranteed a cooler flow of air in your home.

No more mechanical problems
The most irritating and less known fact about the aircon cooling mechanism is that even if you have a couple of minor issues on the mechanical side of your unit it might not work to its full potential, and you might not obtain the desired cooling from it. However, when you service your aircon, the technician will look into each and every problem and quickly resolve it. This means that once these problems are resolved you get a much colder aircon unit once servicing is completed.

No frozen condenser 
People sometimes use their aircon unit continuously without giving it some time to rest, and this may result in the accumulation of ice within the aircon system. Your aircon may not work to its full capacity due to the deposition of ice, and you may not get any cooling in your home at all. Accumulation of ice makes the condenser coils to freeze, and this may prevent heat from being released from the system. However, when you ask a technician to service your aircon, he not only removes the ice but also cleans every part of the system, such as the fan motors, filters and the condenser so that you can get optimum cooling with it. Thoroughly cleaning the system allows you to get colder air from your unit after servicing it.

Other minor suggestions
Apart from the mentioned reasons, aircon technicians usually check many other minor problems such as the amount of heat that circulates in your room or the aircon system leakages. Once the technician notices these particular issues, he subsequently comes up with an ideal solution to effectively resolve those problems to ensure that you get an adequately colder room with your aircon unit after servicing it. The good thing about these additional suggestions is that if you properly follow the provided ideas and tips, then you shall certainly get optimal results with a much colder room to ensure that you are always comfortable in your home.

Therefore, in case you have a feeling that your aircon system may not be colder as it initially was, then now is the best time to contact a technician to service it. And once you get good servicing of your aircon system, then you are guaranteed to get a cooler air circulation in your home without running into any trouble or complications.

Monday, 15 February 2016

7 Reasons To Install Mitsubishi Starmex Air Conditioner

When looking for a new air- conditioner, we always looking to avoid the marketing gimmicks used by salesmen. We easily fall prey to catchy phrases used by marketers only to realize months down the line we didn't get what we paid for. Like most people, when searching for a new aircon we want something energy efficient. High utility bills in Singapore hinders us from enjoying what we want. The humid air increases the workload the air conditioner has to do in keeping the indoor air dry. This translates to high utility bills since the air conditioner is constantly running instead of saving energy. If you are looking for the ideal air conditioner that works best is Singapore, it is important that you select one that is designed for the Singapore weather. Here are seven reasons why the Mitsubishi Starmex is perfectly suited for the job.

Reduced spending

Older versions of air conditioners weren't optimized for Singapore's weather conditions. Over the years, scientist and meteorologist studied Singapore's climate and developed the Mitsubishi Starmex Air Conditioner using the findings. The air conditioner should be in sync with the weather to work optimally. Air cooling features that are energy efficient help reduce the utility bills. Who isn't worried about having a high bill. Most of us are, but this doesn't mean that we shouldn't enjoy the cool, clean air. Fitted with energy efficient cooling system, this air conditioner will help you save tons of your hard earned cash.


This is one key attribute that most buyers look for. While in the market for an air conditioner, we not only search for an affordable air conditioner but a durable. Air conditioner breakdown causes a lot of inconveniences. When trying to maintain a professional image at the work place you need equipment with little or no breakdown. Mitsubishi Starmex brand promises it users durability, and you will never regret the decision to try it out. The humidity and air conditioning settings are designed to balance out the room temperature.

Noise free

The constant humming sound produced by air conditioners irritate its users. These noises distract the person while in the living room, workplace or even while sleeping. The nagging humming sound can push some users to turn completely off the air conditioner. It could be viewed as wastage of cash if you had spent a huge amount on the air conditioner. The Mitsubishi Starmex series of air conditioners run silently, and it would be difficult to note that one is even running. Isn't it cool to find a near silent air conditioner?. The air conditioner will remain silent while aging. A lot of air conditioners start off silent but as time goes by they start becoming noisy. Provided that it is regularly cleanly, you will hardly notice the air conditioner is running. The fan is designed to provide minimal air resistance thus ensuring that you have a silent running air conditioner.

High air quality

We are all worried about having well-balanced air. Regarding humidity and air cooling, we need an accurate air conditioning system. Mitsubishi Starmex is designed to meet perfectly the end users specifications. Accurate temperature control and dust filtering systems are designed to work with pinpoint accuracy. Singapore's weather is mostly humid, and when looking for a great weather conditioner one needs something that is accurate. High humidity could damage our furniture, rugs or even provide a conducive environment for bacteria growth.
This air conditioner eliminates the chances pathogens in the air that you are breathing by reducing the humidity. You will note that those suffering from respiratory problems will start feeling better.


Air conditioners with humidity control and cooling system help make rooms bearable. Better temperature control than older models makes newer air conditioner models our homes feel better. The precision by which these models correct the humidity levels, temperature and constant flow of air make them a must have. If you find yourself constantly complaining about your air conditioner, then its time you get a new one. With Mitsubishi Starmex aircon, your home will turn into the dream house you always wanted. Good aircon systems should run silently so as to ensure no one is bothered by the humming.


Warrants assure us that if the air conditioner is damaged we can get a new one at zero cost. Bearing in mind that it is expensive always to purchase a new one, warrants are there to protect us. Always inquire with the dealer how long the warrant runs. Look if there are tricky loopholes with the warrant. In this case, the Mitsubishi Starmex comes with an easy direct warrant. There are no loopholes that might be used to disappoint you when looking for a settlement. The company prides itself in providing its clients with the best services and in the event of a breakdown they've got you covered. Great warrant covers show that the company cares and isn't all about making quick profits. When a problem arises with your aircon, you will have the best technicians there to help you with the problem. You will sleep better knowing that the company cares about your well being too. Warrants have and will always be tricky.


Older aircon models used an R-22 type of refrigerant that was both carcinogenic and harmful to the environment. The government decided that it should be phased to ensure that the users don't develop health complications. Newer refrigerant compounds used in the R-410A cooling systems are both eco-friendly and won't damage your health. The government of Singapore passed legislature that use earlier models could cause health complications to its users and should be discarded.

If you are looking for an aircon that won't affect your health, then the Mitsubishi Starmex is the best system in the market. You will enjoy having clean fresh air in your house while worrying less of the cooling chemicals used.

Eco-friendliness can also be measured using the efficiency of the air conditioners. Good air conditioners shouldn't waste power with unnecessary cooling. Mitsubishi models are fitted with power regulators ensuring that they consume less.

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

12 Worst Mistakes People Make In Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchen cleaning in your home can be one of the most complicated subjects for home owners and because of this complication many people make a lot of mistakes as well while cleaning their kitchen. I am sure you want to avoid these kitchen cleaning mistakes and that’s why below I am sharing 12 worst mistakes that people make in kitchen cleaning, so you can avoid it. 

Not following proper cleaning steps: When people do the cleaning in kitchen then most of the time they do not follow the proper steps for cleaning. In order to avoid this trouble, it is recommended that you make a plan while cleaning your kitchen and you follow that plan to avoid any trouble in the same. In this plan you should start with cleaning of upper area and you should do the wiping task in last.

Not using right cleaning solutions: Using vinegar or lemon for cleaning all kind of surface is one of the worst mistakes that people make in their kitchen cleaning work. You need to understand this basic thing that vinegar or lemon is not suitable for all kind of surfaces. So, when you do the cleaning in your kitchen make sure you use the cleaning agent wisely.

Not reading the instructions: Not reading the cleaning instructions is considered as one of the biggest mistakes in the kitchen. If you also think you can clean your kitchen appliances or other delicate materials without reading the instructions, then you are making a big mistake and I would suggest you to avoid this error to get the better result from cleaning of your kitchen.

Choosing wrong tool for the job: Not choosing the right kind of tools is another mistake that many people make while cleaning their kitchen. If you will use the right kind of tools and things to do the cleaning of your house, then you will be able to get the best result with it. Hence, it is recommended that you choose your tool of cleaning in a wise manner.

Using dirty cleaning tools: Using really old and dirty tools cleaning of kitchen is always one of the worst mistakes that you or anyone can make during this work. All the old sponge, clothes and similar other things can have lot of bacteria’s and harmful micro organisms in it that can make your kitchen even dirtier and unhygienic. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you use only clean tool and cloth for cleaning of your kitchen. 

Soaking the surface for a long time: Soaking your wooden kitchen countertop for long time can be a really horrible mistake that many people make while cleaning their kitchen. Because of this mistake water might go inside the wood and it can affect the wood in a negative manner. So, if you wish to avoid this mistake from your kitchen cloning then make sure you never soak the kitchen cabinet for a very long time.

Not throwing stored stuff: Many time people store stuff such as dried meat and vegetables in their kitchen and they never check it back again. The worst thing about this mistake is that people not even throw it while cleaning their kitchen and eventually it start stinking. I am assuming you don’t want to have this problem in your kitchen and that’s why it is a good idea that you throw all kind of stored and stinking stuffs from your kitchen while cleaning your kitchen

Ignoring the cleaning of oven: It doesn’t matter that you have a gas oven or microwave oven, over a period of time you will get a lot of grease in it. If you will not clean the grease from your oven then you will end up having a lot of problems because of it and that will be one of the worst cleaning mistakes for you in your kitchen. So, I don’t have to explain that you need to pay attention on this part as well doing your cleaning work in the kitchen.

Ignoring the cleaning of fridge: Your fridge is one of the most essential things in your kitchen and if you will not keep it clean, then surely that will be a major mistake by you in cleaning of your kitchen. In order to avoid any complication or trouble it is strongly recommended that you keep your fridge clean and you do deep cleaning also on regular manner. Also, at the hinges section you might see some foreign object such as match sticks, food particles and other things to avoid any error in your kitchen cleaning.

Not doing regular cleaning: You can clean the rest of your house on a weekly basis, but if you will try to do the same things for your kitchen, then your home will start stinking in almost no time. Also, this lack of cleaning can make you vulnerable to so many health hazards as well, which is not good for you or for your family. So, it is strongly recommended that avoid this worst mistake and you do the basic cleaning of your kitchen on regular manner. 

Not emptying trash bin every day: Ideally you should empty your trash bin from kitchen every day and if you are not doing that then consider that as one of the biggest mistake by your side. To keep your kitchen clean you have to get rid of all the waste material from your trash bin as soon as possible. If you will not do this, then you will end up having a lot of complications or troubles because of this mistake. So, make sure you empty the trash bin clean on daily basis while cleaning the kitchen in your home.

Ignoring the cleaning of cabinets: Cleaning of cabinets is also very important in the kitchen cleaning work and if you will not do that, then that will be a big mistake from you. As I already explained it earlier as well you just need to pay attention on the cloning of your cabinets as well to avoid any complication or trouble from it.