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Thursday, 22 October 2015

How To Check Aircon Gas Level?

If you live in Singapore, then you might not think your life without having an air conditioning unit in your house. With the help of aircon you can fight the humidity and you can control the temperature also in your home and office both. However, you can get this result only if you have a properly working air conditioning unit in your office or home. For proper functioning of air con a lot of factors are important and right amount of gas level is one of those things. That means if you see a drop of gas level in your aircon unit then you must need to fill it again before using that.

But if you have no idea about how to check aircon gas level then you cannot take necessary action in case of need. So, in this article I am going to share details about How to check aircon gas level and other important things related to gas level of aircon unit.

Importance of Gas level: Before I tell you the way about how to check gas level, first I would like to share some basic things about the importance of gas or coolant in your aircon functioning. Air con unit mainly contain three section in it that include compression, condensation and evaporation. Aircon does these three work with the help of three separate unit and all these three units work together to produce cold air for you. In this process aircon coolant or gas utilize the cooling effect and it blows the cold air in your room. As a result of that you get a cold and comfortable room even if it is very much hot or humid outside your room.

However, if gas level is not up to the mark then it will not to proper cooling and you will not be able to get the desires result with it. In fact, if you will have only 20% of drop in your gas level, then it will affect the cooling of your aircon unit by 40%. As a result of that your aircon unit will need to work much harder, it will consume more electricity and you will not get enough cooling also with it. So, now you know and understand how important it is to check the coolant or gas level on regular interval.

When you need to check it: If I talk about the times when you should skip all other things and you should check the gas level of your aircon unit before using it any further, then I can share some situation for that. If you notice that you are running your air con unit at full speed and then also it not cooling your room then you should check the gas level of your air con. Also, if you notice any kind of unusual noise in your aircon, then also it might be sign of reduction in gas level and you should not wait any further to check the coolant status of your aircon unit.

Other than this if you will have lower gas level in you aircon unit, then may keep on running, its compressor would never stop and you will not get any cooling also with this not stop running. If you notice this issue then that’s definitely a sign that you have lack of gas level in your aircon unit and you need to check it as soon as possible. Opposite to continuous running frequent on and off of you aircon unit is another sign that you have lower amount of gas in your aircon unit. Indeed, this is just opposite to what I said in the same paragraph, but that’s a sign of this issue and you should take it accordingly.

So, if you see any of these complications or issues in your aircon and you are not able to understand the reason for same, then you should skip other things and you should check the gas level. After checking gas level if you notice it’s really a drop in coolant then you can call your mechanic and you can ask him to change it before using your aircon unit again.

How to check gas level: As Far as method for checking of gas level is concerned, then you cannot do it with a manual way. This particular process requires specific tool called gauge pressure testing tool and if you have it then you can use it to check the gas level. Also, when you use this tool, then you need to know how to use it properly and how you can get the actual reading from it.

So, if you know how to use this tool then you can plug the gauge testing device with your aircon unit and you can check gas level by yourself. And if you do not have it with you and you want to keep it with you all the time then you can search for that online or you can buy it from local market. Also, if you want you can rent it from some local shop and you can test the gas level by yourself.

Although you can check the gas level by yourself, but this is a complicated process and you might not fill the gas at all in your aircon unit. That why I would strongly recommend that if you see any sign of performance drop that I shared above in this article, then you can assume it is gas level drop and you can think about calling an expert at that time only. When you will call a technician then he will check the problem and if will notice it is a problem in gas level then he will refill it for you and you can have cool room again. And if he will notice problem is because of some other issue then he will suggest a solution for that problem as well and he can solve the issue for you. That means in either way you will get a comfortable room if you will cal mechanic.