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Sunday, 13 December 2015

9 Green Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Condo

Cleaning your condo has to be a permanent part of your spring cleaning regime. Although Singapore has very little fluctuations when it comes to weather cycles, the time during spring is always the best to give your condo the cleaning and refurbishing it needs.
However, spring cleaning involves the use of many hazardous chemicals and mixes which may well make your condo look tip top but also bring many health hazards to life.
Therefore, in this post today, I will share some excellent green spring cleaning tips for your condo

1. Replace Toxic Paint with Eco-friendly Paint

Are you planning on retouching parts of your condo with renewed painting this spring cleaning? If yes, then do spare a thought on the chemical laced paints that you have been using. Household paints contain umpteen amounts of chemicals, many of which are toxic and related with air pollution, contributing to respiratory problems, nausea, cancer and asthma. They also contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that keep releasing toxins into the surroundings for up to 6 years after application.

Therefore, this spring cleaning, go for paints that are low on VOCs. These are water based and don’t smell as they have greatly reduced amount of toxins. You can look online for stores that supply them.

2. Get Rid of the Junk

One the major obstacles while spring cleaning is all the useless junk you accumulate over time. It comprises of paper, plastic and other materials which pile up and leave your condo in a shabby state. This spring, go paperless and throw all the junk away. Switch to paperless modes of settlement and stay away from printing your emails, receipts and bills. Give out the useless junk to people who need it more. Make your condo more spacious and organised. Consequently, it will become cleaner.

3. Get Rid of Chemical Air Fresheners

Most of the air fresheners that you use contain harmful toxins which have been linked to fatalities like hormonal problems and cancer. Therefore, refrain from using chemical air fresheners.
You can use natural fresheners like baking soda or scented oils to freshen up your condo. Better still, open those windows and let the sunlight refresh your apartment in the greenest of ways possible. Nothing does better spring cleaning than natural fresh air and sunlight.

4. Implement Efficient Water Management

Water wastage is one the most pressing global concerns. An average individual wastes over 20 gallons of water each day. This spring cleaning, use some effective water management tips to save on water usage and make your condo increasingly well managed. You can use toilet dams to reduce water usage by 20%. You can easily get water dams at departmental stores. Replace those lavish showerheads with low-flow showerheads to save 50-70% on your water usage.

While using water based solutions for spring cleaning, make sure you use absorbent cloth and use minimum solutions for maximum cleansing.

5. Stop Energy Leaks: Improve your surroundings

The devil is always in the details. Do you know that most of the plugged in devices like chargers leak energy in standby mode. This leaked energy reflects on your electricity bills and also increases the overall global carbon footprint by increasing the consumption of natural resources.

This spring cleaning make sure you implement efficient electricity usage standards in your condo. A cleaner environment also means a cleaner home. Therefore, remove those extra plugged in chargers and appliances, switch them off after use and regularly service them with a solution of water and baking soda to keep them clean and efficient.

6. Choose Low Glare Lighting

Coming back to energy efficiency, you should really be taking a second look at those high intensity yellow bulbs and tubes in your condo this spring cleaning and try replacing them with low power, low glare CFLs and shun incandescent bulbs to avoid damage to your vision, and then help save the environment too. CLFs use a lot less energy than incandescent ones and last 8 times longer. They are easy to clean and come down light on your eyes.

You can also use motion sensors to automatically switch on and switch off these lights to save more on electricity and become more efficient.

7. Use homemade cleansing products

If you just go into the departmental store and pick up cleansing products based on the higher volume of chemical content, then you have got it all wrong. You will open your house to a plethora of toxins and health hazards like asthma, chronic respiratory ailments and cancers. These toxins can cause eye irritation, headaches, birth defects, infertility and much more. Scared?

Well, you can always go for natural cleaning agents. Home based products like plain soap and water, vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice can work as wonderful replacements for these chemicals. Go ahead and use them for your spring cleaning needs. For instance, kitchen counters can be completely renewed of stains by using a mixture of vinegar and common salt. There all sorts of YouTube videos you can watch and learn to create your own natural cleaning mixtures.

8. Reuse and Recycle

Coming back to useless junk, you can always use them in your spring cleaning needs. For instance, you can use your age old t-shirts to make good cleaning cloths. They will go excellently with natural mixtures to clean your condo.

You have to realise that most of your junk can be repurposed and used to make your spring cleaning more efficient and organised. Old towels and toothbrush can be repurposed as cleaning utensils and can be used easily to polish and cleanse stainless steel utensils and kitchenware.
And then, you can always give away useless stuff to those who need it more. What a great initiative to include in your spring cleaning plans this year.

9. Introduce an Organizational Structure

I always advise that being a little paranoid about keeping your condo organized always makes cleaning more efficient. This spring cleaning, take a pen and paper and assign proper spots and names to all your household stuff from kitchen appliances to your different sets of PJs. Keep that X-Box remote next to the central console and stick to this regime.

This helps you in cleansing your house fast and more efficiently. Otherwise, you just have a lot of cleaning to do. In an organised interface, you know what you have to clean, where it is and what will clean it best. It’s always better to have a plan that to go all guns blazing! Go ahead, organize those closets.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

8 Mistakes To Avoid On Spring Cleaning During The New Year

New year is a time when you welcome lot of guest and loved ones into your house. That means you wish to have a clean house during this time of the year and spring cleaning can certainly help you do that. With proper spring cleaning you will be able to have a fresh and healthy house in easy manner and you can welcome your guests on the New Year. However, many people never get the optimum result with their spring cleaning efforts because they make various mistakes in it and it leads them to so many complications as well. Well if you are in the same kind of dilemma then here are 8 mistakes to avoid on spring cleaning during the New Year.

Doing very late start: Doing very late start for spring cleaning is really a big mistake that can actually ruin your New Year. With this late start, you will never have an assurance about the completion of spring cleaning work before New Year. And if you want to complete the cleaning work on time, then you will have to invest a lot of efforts in it. As a result of that you may get exhausted and you may not be able to enjoy the New Year with fullest. So, it is wise idea that you do not make this mistake and you start the spring cleaning work as soon as possible. When you’d do this, then you will be able to finish it on time and you will not get exhausted as well.

Keeping old unused stuff: Some people have a hoarder tendency and they do not like to throw away anything. You may not have this tendency with consciousness, but if you will look at the unused items in your house, then you will realize it is true. You need to understand that if you will keep all the unused stuff in your home, then you will not have space for spring cleaning. Also, it will increase the work load for you as you will have to cleaning those materials as well. If you will get rid of unused items, then you will be able to have better outcome in your spring cleaning work and you could welcome new year in a more spacious place.

Not having a proper plan: If you will not have proper plan for spring cleaning, then you may actually do more damage than any good. For example, if you clean the floor first and after that you do dust cleaning of your ceiling fan, then you can again have dirty floor. We can say the same thing for rooms as well. That means if you clean living area before cleaning the room, then you will actually increase your work load. To have better result for your new year cleaning it is strongly recommended that you make a proper plan and you follow that to get optimum result with it.

Using wrong tools and solutions: Use of wrong tools and solution is another big mistake that people make in their spring cleaning work. In market, so may tools and cleaning agents are there that you can try, but those solutions may or may not offer the best result to you. To have the optimum result with spring cleaning work, you should simply get right kind of tool and cleaning solutions. If you are not sure about these tools or cleaning solutions, then you can take the help of experts or online resources and you can get these details in easy ways.

Ignoring safety issues: Spring cleaning can make you vulnerable to so many health hazards as well. Many people simply ignore such health hazards and they do not use proper dress while cleaning their home for New Year. You need to understand that this is a big mistake and you shall always avoid it. To avoid this mistake, you should always use proper safety clothes that can keep you away from such troubles. If you will do it, then you will be able to have really good result as well having no troubles at all. So, follow this rule and you will stay safe while doing the spring cleaning work for New Year.
Not cleaning upholstery: Not cleaning your upholstery can be a really big mistake that you may do while spring cleaning your home for New Year. Your upholstery, curtain and tapestry can be the nesting ground for so many germs and microbes. If you do not clean it then these microbes will have a decaying smell in your house and your entire spring cleaning efforts will go into the vein. To avoid this mistake you should either clean your upholstery or you should change it with a new one.

Using same cloth for every room: If you are cleaning your house then use of same cloth can be another big mistake by you. If you will use the same cloth again and again for every room, then you might not get the desired outcome and you can have even a dirtier place instead of cleaned one. So, if you are planning to do this, then it is wise idea that you do not do the spring cleaning for New Year using same cloth again and again. When you would avoid this mistake then you would be able to have really good result in least possible problems. 

Not taking professional help: Not taking the professional help is one more big mistake that most of the people make in their spring cleaning work. If you will hire some expert or professional for spring cleaning work then they will be able to finish the work for you in smart way and you will be able to have really fantastic outcome as well. Hence, along with other tips, it is also recommended that you follow this rule as well and you get some professional help for carpet cleaning. This tip or suggestion will surely help you get better result in many of the cleaning work and you will not face any kind of troubles or complication as well in any ways.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

How To Check Aircon Gas Level?

If you live in Singapore, then you might not think your life without having an air conditioning unit in your house. With the help of aircon you can fight the humidity and you can control the temperature also in your home and office both. However, you can get this result only if you have a properly working air conditioning unit in your office or home. For proper functioning of air con a lot of factors are important and right amount of gas level is one of those things. That means if you see a drop of gas level in your aircon unit then you must need to fill it again before using that.

But if you have no idea about how to check aircon gas level then you cannot take necessary action in case of need. So, in this article I am going to share details about How to check aircon gas level and other important things related to gas level of aircon unit.

Importance of Gas level: Before I tell you the way about how to check gas level, first I would like to share some basic things about the importance of gas or coolant in your aircon functioning. Air con unit mainly contain three section in it that include compression, condensation and evaporation. Aircon does these three work with the help of three separate unit and all these three units work together to produce cold air for you. In this process aircon coolant or gas utilize the cooling effect and it blows the cold air in your room. As a result of that you get a cold and comfortable room even if it is very much hot or humid outside your room.

However, if gas level is not up to the mark then it will not to proper cooling and you will not be able to get the desires result with it. In fact, if you will have only 20% of drop in your gas level, then it will affect the cooling of your aircon unit by 40%. As a result of that your aircon unit will need to work much harder, it will consume more electricity and you will not get enough cooling also with it. So, now you know and understand how important it is to check the coolant or gas level on regular interval.

When you need to check it: If I talk about the times when you should skip all other things and you should check the gas level of your aircon unit before using it any further, then I can share some situation for that. If you notice that you are running your air con unit at full speed and then also it not cooling your room then you should check the gas level of your air con. Also, if you notice any kind of unusual noise in your aircon, then also it might be sign of reduction in gas level and you should not wait any further to check the coolant status of your aircon unit.

Other than this if you will have lower gas level in you aircon unit, then may keep on running, its compressor would never stop and you will not get any cooling also with this not stop running. If you notice this issue then that’s definitely a sign that you have lack of gas level in your aircon unit and you need to check it as soon as possible. Opposite to continuous running frequent on and off of you aircon unit is another sign that you have lower amount of gas in your aircon unit. Indeed, this is just opposite to what I said in the same paragraph, but that’s a sign of this issue and you should take it accordingly.

So, if you see any of these complications or issues in your aircon and you are not able to understand the reason for same, then you should skip other things and you should check the gas level. After checking gas level if you notice it’s really a drop in coolant then you can call your mechanic and you can ask him to change it before using your aircon unit again.

How to check gas level: As Far as method for checking of gas level is concerned, then you cannot do it with a manual way. This particular process requires specific tool called gauge pressure testing tool and if you have it then you can use it to check the gas level. Also, when you use this tool, then you need to know how to use it properly and how you can get the actual reading from it.

So, if you know how to use this tool then you can plug the gauge testing device with your aircon unit and you can check gas level by yourself. And if you do not have it with you and you want to keep it with you all the time then you can search for that online or you can buy it from local market. Also, if you want you can rent it from some local shop and you can test the gas level by yourself.

Although you can check the gas level by yourself, but this is a complicated process and you might not fill the gas at all in your aircon unit. That why I would strongly recommend that if you see any sign of performance drop that I shared above in this article, then you can assume it is gas level drop and you can think about calling an expert at that time only. When you will call a technician then he will check the problem and if will notice it is a problem in gas level then he will refill it for you and you can have cool room again. And if he will notice problem is because of some other issue then he will suggest a solution for that problem as well and he can solve the issue for you. That means in either way you will get a comfortable room if you will cal mechanic.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Where Can I Find the Best Office Carpet Cleaning Company?

Where Can I Find the Best Office Carpet Cleaning Company?

When you want to improve your office look, you need to learn about how you can take care of your office space. There are some good interior design tips that you can use, so you can feel comfortable in your office. If you have some carpets in your home, you also need to learn about how you can take care of these carpets. It is a great idea for you to hire the best carpet cleaning service company in Singapore. You need to compare some available companies, especially if you want to select the right service for yourself. Here are some good companies that are ready to clean your carpets completely.

1. Singapore Carpet Cleaning Pte Ltd

Some people are interested with this company. This carpet cleaning service company is ready to help you clean your carpets completely. This company is ready to clean any types of carpets in your office. Therefore, you don't need to spend your money and time for taking care of your carpets completely. There are many good advantages that you can enjoy from this service. Because of these benefits, this company has a lot of happy customers in Singapore these days. Here are some good reasons why this office carpet cleaning company is good for all customers.

This company also offers safe method of carpet cleaning. This method is very useful to help you keep your carpet as clean as possible without affecting the overall carpet quality. There is no harsh or harmful chemical that will be involved in the cleaning process. Therefore, you are able to use your carpet for long period of time. This company also has some organic products and cleaning supplies for cleaning any types of carpets easily. When you hire this service, you can also enjoy its guaranteed service. This warranty can make sure that you get the best service quality from this company.

This carpet cleaning service can help you maintain the overall air quality inside your office room. When you clean your office carpets regularly, you are able to reduce any severe health problems, including headache, nausea, cough, sneezing, and many other health problems. You can improve the workers' productivity when you have clean carpet in your office room. This company offers cheap rates for all customers who want to keep their office rooms as clean as possible. You can call Singapore Carpet Cleaning company to ask about all available options from this company.

2. @bsolute Carpet Cleaning

This is another good carpet cleaning service for all office owners. There are many good benefits that you can get from this reliable cleaning service company. It is ready to help you clean any types of office spaces or rooms completely. When you clean all carpets in your office regularly, you should be able to get some benefits. You will be able to reduce the risk of getting any injuries, allergies, and many other unwanted health problems. Clean carpet can help you improve the overall productivity in your own office. When you look at the Internet, you can find many good reviews or testimonials from other customers.

This company has some professional workers who can clean your carpets quickly. They are professionally trained and well educated, so they are able to clean your office carpets completely. When you are looking for a safe office carpet cleaning service, you can contact @bsolute Carpet Cleaning service today. You are able to maintain the quality and durability of your carpet properly. This service is offered at very reasonable price. You don't need to spend a lot of money for hiring this reliable office carpet cleaning service in Singapore.

When you are ready to clean your office carpets regularly, you can book your appointment with this company. Contact @bsolute Solutions today to ask anything about its flexible options and available services. Don't forget to contact its customer service when you want to ask about the warranty policy. This warranty policy is created to make you feel comfortable with its carpet cleaning service. Many people are interested with @bsolute carpet cleaning service because they want to enjoy this guaranteed service from this reliable company. This one stop professional office carpet cleaning service is ready to help you clean your carpets regularly.

3. E Home Services

There are many people who are interested with this company. E Home Services is the leading home service that has a lot of useful benefits for all customers. You can rely on its service quality when you want to take care of your carpets completely. This company is ready to provide good service for all customers with any types of carpets today. If you want to feel comfortable in your office space, you need to learn about how you can clean your carpet regularly. When you clean your office carpet regularly, you can maintain the air quality inside your office space.

This company is good for you who want to save your budget in your office. You should be able to clean your office carpets without spending a lot of money on this service. This company offers affordable carpet cleaning service for supporting all customers' needs. When you plan to manage your budget for your carpet cleaning procedure, you can contact its customer service today. There are some good customer representatives who are ready to help you find the right carpet cleaning service for your office space. E Home Services also has some professional workers who can clean any types of your carpets completely.

This company has a lot of experience in the carpet cleaning industry. Therefore, you can rely on the good service quality from this reliable company. When you plan to clean your carpet regularly, you need to contact E Home Services as soon as possible. There are some carpet cleaning packages that are available on its official website. You can read these available packages, so you can select the right option that is good for your needs. Contact this carpet cleaning company today to ask anything about all available services from this experienced office carpet cleaning company.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

7 Awesome Facts on Vinyl Wood Flooring

Installing the best flooring for your property can help you feel comfortable inside your building. There are many types of flooring that are available today. When you plan to improve the look and appearance of your room, you can consider using the vinyl wood flooring. This material is very famous among many users these days. This product is available in many retailers and other home improvement stores these days. Before you purchase this reliable flooring material, you need to keep reading this article. You will be able to find some awesome facts about this flooring after you read this article completely. 

1. Many great designs

There are many people who are interested with vinyl flooring. This material is very famous among many users these days. Most customers are usually attracted with any great designs that are offered by this product. You can find many types of vinyl wood design options that are available now. These designs are specially created by some reliable vinyl wood manufacturers these days. You can select the best design that is suitable for your own needs. When you want to get all benefits or advantages from this flooring, you can discuss with your professional interior designers. They will be able to help you choose the right design for your flooring. The flooring should match the overall interior design of your building. 

2. Similar appearance to the real wood

This is another interesting fact about this vinyl flooring. This material has similar appearance as the real wood. Because of this reason, this product is suitable for all people who love wood design. If you love using any natural look designs, such as wood, hardwood, and many other interesting designs, you can take a look at this product. This flooring can help you get natural look on your floor easily. Because of this reason, many interior designers also recommend the use of this flooring for their clients' buildings. This flooring can provide interesting look for most customers these days.

3. Low maintenance

If you don't have a lot of time for maintaining your floor, you should consider using this product. You should realize that real wood requires complicated maintenance procedures. When you are using this vinyl flooring, you can simply clean this floor regularly. There is no strict regulation on how you can clean this floor completely. However, you can still consider using soft mop for cleaning this vinyl floor from any unwanted materials. You need to clean this floor regularly, in order to use this product for a long time. It is also easy for you to remove any stains that are located on the surface of this floor. This simple maintenance procure is another interesting fact that you need to know about this reliable floor. 

4. Water resistant

You should understand the real hardwood floor can be damaged by water immediately. Therefore, you need to start using this material for improving the appearance of your home. Vinyl floor is actually resistant against water and other solution. Because of this reason, this material is a perfect solution for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry area, and many other wet areas in your property. Water is not going to affect the quality of this vinyl floor negatively. If you live in Singapore that is a humid country, you can consider using this vinyl floor for your property. Although the humidity level in Singapore is quiet high, you can still use this material easily without having any serious issues. 

5. Comfortable surface

This is another awesome fact that you need to know about this vinyl wood flooring. This type of flooring has comfortable surface for all family members. Because of this reason, this material is suitable for your home and any other living spaces. Your children will be very happy when playing on top of this material. Vinyl floor has smooth and soft surface that is very comfortable for all users. When you want to install high quality floor for your home, this material can be a perfect option for you. You will enjoy your time when you are sitting on top of this floor. You can also enjoy your walking experience on top of this floor. 

6. Vinyl wood floor has more affordable price than the real hardwood

If you don't have enough budget for improving your home design, you can consider using the vinyl wood floor. This floor is available at more affordable price than the regular hardwood floor. You are able to save a lot of money when you are using this floor in your building. Therefore, many experts also recommend their clients to replace their real hardwood floor with this vinyl floor. Although this material is available at low price, you can still enjoy the performance and quality of this product. This floor is very useful to help you save a lot of money for decorating your own property. 

7. This material is very durable

When you are looking for the awesome fact from this material, you can take a look at this benefit. This vinyl floor is made from high quality substances and products. Therefore, this product is able to last for a long time without getting any problems. Most people are able to use this type of flooring for decades. If you want to find a good and durable flooring, vinyl wood flooring can be one of the best solutions for you. You don't need to spend your money for replacing this floor with other materials in the future. 

Installing vinyl wood flooring in your home can help you decorate your interior design easily. There are many other benefits and interesting facts from this floor. It is recommended for you to install this floor, especially if you want to have beautiful interior space inside your building. Make sure that you follow all installation procedures, so you can get all benefits from this floor. Don't forget to learn about some flooring maintenance procedures, so you can lengthen the durability of your floor. You can contact the best flooring supplier today, especially when you plan to install high quality vinyl wood floor in your building now.